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Part 1: Submissive In A Snare: Mistress Meets Jen, Submssive For Fun
Part 2: Submissive In A Snare: Mindfucking Jen

Bound For The Master….

‘But I don’t understand where I’m going. And why I need this’, Jen sniffed.
She was referring to the overnight bag that I had packed, the lingerie, toothbrush and the nipple clamps I had tossed in at the very last.
‘These…?’, she waved the clamps at me. I knew that was coming and I just smiled.
‘Your Master will have his own. I just want you to show initiative.’

‘Master’. Jen repeated that word to herself, so low she didn’t think I could hear. After all this time with me, she was unsure of being handed over to a man. I felt it. She seemed startled the entire ride over, startled when he opened the door. He introduced himself to Jen as Master Edward and offered us tea. She sipped it quietly as he and I made conversation. Master Edward was a friend of mine, and the was the perfect person to show Jen a different side of the submission coin.

As I gathered my purse to leave, I could tell Jen was restless. I heard Master Edward lock the door behind me.


The Master And The New Rules….

He rifled through her bag, chuckling at the clamps but leaving them in. He tossed the toothbrush on the bed as she stood.
‘This is all you’ll need’, he told her. ‘I have plenty for you to wear during your visit.’
He opened three drawers in a nearby dresser to reveal an assorted variety of bras, panties and nighties. (She would soon realize that lingerie was a must with the Master.)
‘You have many options, as you can see. Something new every night’, Master Edward told her.
‘Every….night?’, Jen stammered. ‘I thought this was an overnight trip’, Jen could barely say it without choking tears.
Master Edward gave a laugh that unnerved her.
‘If Amber would have told you the truth, she probably would have had to sedate you just to get you in the car’, Master Edward replied.

‘Your face is a little sweaty, and that just won’t do’, Master Edward said. He was right, Jen thought. It had been quite a day and it showed on her face.
‘VWash-up and reapply a little color for bed. Nothing too heavy. Take these with you and come back to me fresh.’ He handed her a pink babydoll nightie and fresh panties. She hadn’t been given a time limit but figured she shouldn’t dawdle. Accepting the silky garments, she ventured into the master bath, much different than the hall bathroom that she had been in during Miss Amber’s visit. In the master bath, there was a vanity mirror and so many cosmetics. After washing her face, she applied foundation and powder, light eyeshadow, a brown mascara, blush and soft pink lipstick. Shedding her own clothes, she left them in the bathroom hamper and slid into the lovely nightclothes she had been given.

Off To Bed….

Jen exited the bathroom and she felt his eyes on her.
‘Ah, very nice’, he said. Jen felt a relief wash over her. ‘You will sleep here’, he motioned to the right side of the bed. It looked inviting and warm. She made her way to the right side and carefully got in. He slid into the left side and clicked the light on his side table.
‘You’re going to learn to please me, but I know that you’ll enjoy it’. His words were like a weight on her. The dark enveloped the room and she laid quietly for a few moments until she heard his soft snore. There was no leaving, as she had nowhere to go. Her cell phone was somewhere, but who to call? She did not cry because she was not scared. Jen was stunned. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep.