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Hello, horny pleasure seekers!

I have a wide range of interests, as you can see from my list of free Audios. And I totally understand that you want to sample before you buy. After all, you want to pick the perfect Mistress for you. It’s important that you ‘click’ with the woman that’s going to guide you and weave a naughty fantasy!

So, please feel free to peruse my audio offerings below….including something I have for those that are cuckolds or just really want to be one. I have a feeling you’re going to love what I have for sale right now. Link below!

Here’s a sexy sample of that RED HOT audio for sale in the audio store I was telling you about.

Amber’s First Cuckold

Stay tuned….there’s more to come!

Are you interested in a custom audio? Here’s the info and pricing page on that. Please email me of you’re interested in getting something started!


Free List of Audios:


Chastity Audios

Chastity Loser Tries To Get The Girl

Mistress Amber Wants To Lock Your Cock

Cock Sucking Audios

She Sees The Cocksucker In You

Mistress Amber Wants YOU To Join Her Suck Squad

Time To Admit You Like Cock

Cuckold Audios

Becoming A Cuckold Cocksucker

The Cuckold Waits

Cum Eating Audios

Calling All Cum Eaters

Domination Audios

Mistress Amber Wants To Ruin Your Orgasm

Female Boss Won’t Fire You If You Serve Her

You Will Serve Me

Erotic Mistress Teasing Audios

Naughty Amber By The Window

Damsel In Distress Amber Is Still A Sexy Cocktease

Double The Girls Means Double The Trouble

Mistress Amber Has A Key To Your House

Humiliation/Small Penis Audios

Hubby and His New Penis

Masturbation Audios

Amber Catches You Masturbating

You Need A Masturbatrix

Mistress Gets To Watch Videos

Mistress Amber Likes To Watch

Front Row Seat

A Little Amber After Your Busy Day

Sissy Audios

Wanna Go Shopping

Amber Picks Your Party Clothes

Mistress Amber Takes You Bra Shopping

Be My Sissy Girl

Belle Of The Ball


Like what you hear? Call that Dispatcher up and ask for Amber!