About Me

I love dirty conversation and I’ll draw the deepest and darkest out of you. Don’t give me the secrets you’ve given before because I don’t want the re-run. I want the other hidden things, the ones you’ve never told anyone, the ones that shake you to your core and make your dick jerk when I say your name.

I love both the fantasies of men and the girliest desires of the woman that might be inside you. Bring me your ‘sexy’ in whatever form that takes for you. I want to see the toy that you slide deep, the dress that makes you feel spectacular, the shot glass that holds your cum. Cam sluts welcome and encouraged.

I’m a Portland OR lady with a new Las Vegas zipcode and I’m ready to play. A classy gal with an open mind, I’ve got a treasure trove of stories and unlimited ideas to make you tremble. I love chastity, strap-ons, teasing and making you suck a cock. Yes, I can.
Overdose on pleasure, take more than you can handle and moan until you forget your name. If that sounds good to you, ask for Amber.


Amber (39)