I can’t help but look for opportunities everywhere. After all, that’s what a Mistress does. And you never know what might be under your nose, So when a friend of a friend named Jen dropped into conversation that she was little hard up/down on her luck? How could I have known that helping her out would create a such a chance for me? To snare a submissive that merely wanders into your life with zero caution only gives the depraved a bigger playground. And how was I supposed to turn that down? I mean, could you?

Mistress Plays Submissive Games….

More than a bit younger than I was, Jen was naïve and trusting. Her restaurant job had just ended. She was searching for more than an employer, and I could tell. It wasn’t that she wanted to please me per se, but she definitely wanted me to like her. We soon began to spend more time together as girls do. Sometimes, she’d sit on the closed toilet lid as I took a shower and we’d talk. Even after the water was off, she’d work hard to not watch me towel off. I noticed her eyes sweeping my breasts and then follow the curve of my ass. It was like a less popular girl getting some one-on-one time with the head cheerleader. Jen struggled to not fumble her words, to be cool. I could tell that there was an excitement to her whenever I was up for hanging out. And it showed me all the ways that I could groom her for my own pleasure. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I dominated a younger girl for fun. And this time, it was right in front of me, waiting for me to take it.
It was almost too easy, but sometimes you can’t turn down the perfect opportunity.