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Submission…..Or Leave.

Come to me bare. You’ve got toys I cannot see, but I will hear their effect on you. You slick a glass dildo with lube and soon your warmest place is full. I hear your groan and gasp, past that taboo feeling and all the fear of your desire. There’s another play cock, affixed in front of you. Wrap your lips around its width and imagine the girth of the real cock I would have for you. Now you’re occupied and busy, bouncing with naughty work… bring a smile to the lips of the only woman that matters.
It is time for your ruin, to be brought low and humbled by submission. Others in your real life may see you as a leader, the boss. Not in my session, not here.
Your titles and rank are under my feet.

Submission: Are You Ready?

To be a submissive, put your fantasy away. I do not want your ‘try’, I do not want your rich exaggeration. I want your obedience and your surrender, your focus on my voice only. You hear nothing else. I will not apologize for my Mistress agenda. I want your ache for my wants and desires while you sacrifice your own. Your complete trust is what I require. In giving all away do you receive more than you ever had, and only one in true submission knows this.

I am looking for a submissive, more than one….but a group of real, not an army of pretend.
Will it be you? Will you be mine?


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