Did you miss the first part of this blog? The mindfucking is coming, but first…..
Part 1: Submissive In A Snare: Mistress Meets Jen

Part 2:

From hanging out to sleeping over, that’s exactly how the mindfucking started. I knew Jen had been couch surfing for a few nights with friends, and it was just easier for her to stay with me. It started with ‘Hey, it’s too late to drive anywhere anyway, you might as well stay’ to ‘This whole cupboard is for your stuff, and here’s the code for the gate.’ How quickly she settled in and met my friends. We were just two girls being personal, two girls hanging out….I’m sure that’s what she thought. I never said that I had an agenda but she never asked. I just took things at my pace and made her think it was hers. I’m good at that.


Jen liked to pick my brain about my job as a Mistress. As you know, I’m a open book….and eventually, the masturbation started, it was so trusting. The first few nights, it didn’t even happen. I couldn’t just pounce. That would look too eager. I eased in, picked a night where I didn’t plan to work the next morning. Had some friends over and drank a little wine. That got her relaxed. And then when my friends left, it was all too easy to sit on the guest bed that I had offered Jen. She was laying back and I asked her if she was horny. Her cheeks flushed at the question and I asked if I could touch her. She nodded and I placed a fingertip on top of her panties, tracing small circles around her clit. I listened to her breathe and kept going, eventually working her panties down for easier access. She writhed on the bed and I made her cum.

Mindfucking For Fun

And then, what happens with girls, totally happened. The little bit of intimate time that we had spent together changed Jen a little. So much for women swearing that they can separate sex and love! The way she looked at me after that, the eagerness to ask me to hang out, go out, stay in with her! She was a little needy trying to act like she wasn’t needy. I could talk to her however I wanted, flirt one night and ignore her the next. She ended up in my bed every now and then and I’d ignore her on purpose after that. It completely fucked with her brain. She wondered if I was upset, she’d ask. I’d be great and then not, just to keep up the game. She changed her hair, she wore a little lipstick. I ignored it until I didn’t. It made her a little insecure and so eager to please me. Training a submissive is easy for me and it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman…..