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Your Little Pindick Is Like An Appendix…..

Did you know that your pindick is like an appendix? No, this isn’t the start of a joke, unless we’re talking about the sad, undersexed nub in between your legs. Because that pathetic excuse of a penis is a joke in itself. No, your little cock is like an appendix because you don’t need it. It could even be removed and you’d live just fine. Your small cock is an extra part that serves zero purpose!

Little Pindick, Big Solution

It’s not like you were racking up the babes with that little cock, like your bed was some hotspot for pleasure. C’mon, you live the loser life! The pizza guy knows your name. So does the convenience store clerk who sells you your almost daily snacks of soda and food on those little roller things where the hot dogs and taquitos are! The highlight of your life is finding a porn that you haven’t seen and jerking that little dick to anything and everything. And of course, I can’t actually remove your cock! But I could lock it up and get it out of my sight and yours. Chastity might just be your calling. Why continue pleasuring something that’s given you nothing but misery?

Oh, and if you’re one of my super sluts that are actually built for cock, your sad little pindick has been causing you problems all your life. Just like a bothersome appendix, it needs to go! So whaddya say? Hand it over and finally make one woman happy? That woman is me…..and the only woman worth pleasing, anyway!

6 comments to Your Little Pindick Is Like An Appendix…..

  • Petey cream puff

    The only way I can get hard is when all of you dress/put makeup/lipstick on me along with lipstick kisses on my cheeks. Ms Olivia & Ms Erika has me in fo therapy about this. They wanted to know why I liked to wear women’s clothes and I said I didn’t but both giggled and had put me in garter belt/panties/bra/long black wig with makeup/feminine arched eyebrows along with lipstick then sheath dress. What did me in was Ms Erika spraying midnight romance perfume and lotion on me. Then they had me look in mirror and said I look better dressed up then game me lipstick kisses on my cheeks. With tent in my panties they said that was all they needed to see that I enjoyed this and showed it was weakness and submission. Both bet me that they would get me off with lipstick kisses on my cheeks and said if I could hold out they would have me go back to being guy. Needless to say I lost bet and as I was cumming all I could say was yes mistresses as I had to stay dressed up as their cream puff girl. Ms Erika said this is no longer fantasy it’s reality as Ms Alyssa said I need to be put in pink chastity cage and she locked me up.

  • Goddess Mandy

    You make some very good points here, Ms.Amber lol! His little pindick IS nothing more than an appendage…and as you said, pretty much a useless one at that! But you have clearly given them a BIG solution to their teeny tiny problem…likely their BIG frustration, of course!! So I am here to 2nd what you said, Ms.Amber…do NOT rule out chastity! It really could be your calling! 🙂

  • Those little pindicks are as useless an appendix! Who needs them anyway? BOTH of them!!! Some of our tiny dick subs seem to think it can still do something good. It can…be put away from site. Some subs just need more convincing than others to quit trying to use the pencil prick. Chastity is just what they need to forget about the tiny member.

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