Chastity is definitely more than keeping an addicted stroker from their cock. It’s an entire behavior modification program from the inside out. It is an exercise for your will and a true test of obedience between a Mistress and a submissive. Some of them love the ‘idea’ of chastity, but only serious subs will truly yield.

Do you yearn for real chastity lock-up?

Chastity is a true test of will. You’ve had access to that cock forever, and you’ve been able to touch it whenever you want. Suddenly, a dominant woman is taking it away! That might seem hot when you’re horny and want to cum, but a true chastity slave yearns for lock-up even after that feeling of sexual excitement passes.

I detailed my feelings on chastity before in a two part blog The Chastity Effect and The Chastity Effect Part II, but the subject is a constant in the blogs and sessions around LDW, and for good reason. You just can’t resist the pull to submit, can you? Some of you will call me and tell me that you’ve self-locked, but that’s not quite the same, is it? That’s like taking a test but having all the answers on your hand. Lock when you get horny, unlock when you get weak? Pass. Hard pass. That’s not really locking.

Ready for a chastity Mistress?

Real locking is when you reliquish all control. It’s not up to you and you don’t get to call the shots like all other aspects of your life. Nope. Your prized possession, your cock, stolen away from you until further notice. When you lock for me, it’s real. No fantasy here. A real device, locked in front of me on cam. A key frozen in a block of ice. I get to see that, too. Too bad I can’t wear that key around my neck….but that might get ridiculous, because do you have any idea how many subs have made me their chastity Mistress? That’s alot of keys!

Will I add yours to my pile?