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Hey, Pindick! When They Were Passing Out Boy Parts, You Got Screwed!

Men are supposed to have cocks. It’s your manhood, the ‘family jewels’, your precious future bloodline. You’re supposed to have confidence in locker rooms and be a sure bet at the bar. Ideally, every woman you bring home should be raving about your junk and how it turned her into a complete nympho. Naturally, she would then tell all her friends and women would be literally tracking you down to get a taste. Right? Eh, only for some of you. For the rest of you, that’s an unacheiveable dream, a fantasy you’ve only heard of happening for others. Never you. When they were passing out boy parts, you got screwed. That’s actually a cruel joke, because your lack of equipment is literally the kiss of death. Others will be screwing. Not you, hon. Not you. You’re a pindick.

Pindick For Life

You can either live your life in denial and fib a few extra inches when a Mistress asks your size, or you can accept the truth! Your pindick can’t be fixed, so you might as well hand it over and let me do what I want. Lock it up, tease and deny or maybe even a sad ruined orgasm? It’s up to me and why not? You’re not getting any other attention from women, no one wants to fuck you and it can get pretty lonely sitting home alone. So call me up and let’s play with your pindick. Between my naughty fantasies and domonant desires, you might just get a a taste of what it feels like to be a real man. For once!







6 comments to Hey, Pindick! When They Were Passing Out Boy Parts, You Got Screwed!

  • Petey cream puff

    This is what’s happened to me as I admitted to Ms Erika/Ms Fiona & Ms Delia as I confessed to them I got off 5 minutes into hour call along with having soft erection. They said it was great that I confessed/admitted this and I agreed as I said it wasn’t fair/right to myself/mistresses in lying. As a result they have put me in chastity along with staying & keeping me dressed as theirs & LDWs cream puff girl. When they asked how big I get I told them when dressed I get hard but otherwise I’m 2-4′ as a result they have be dressed as their cream puff girl and locked in chastity.

  • Natural Selection totally Fucked me over and not in a good way. Not only was I handed a below average size thing but I was also born without the ability to produce any sperm. Talk about Nature sending me a message lol.

  • A pindick can fib only so long. Eventually they always slip up and reveal the true status of their boy parts, and that is always woefully lacking. It’s always best for a pindick to just own up to the fact that he’s never going to measure up and learn to enjoy his Mistress’ teasing!

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