No more calling yourself ‘average’, mister. A Mistress has little dick radar, you know. When you’re lying to yourself, we can hear it in your voice. So it’s time to tell the truth and you’re gonna hear it: your so-called ‘manhood’ is pretty damn useless except for one thing: Entertainment!

Little Dick Reality

Look. I’m always up for a laugh, and it’s not like you’re too busy bangin’ babes to to give your Mistress a little comedy break. Small dicks like yours slip out of pussy heaven again and again and are rarely felt by the poor woman pity fucking you. She can’t wait to fake that orgasm so you can stop huffing and puffing and slide off of her. She deserves a steak dinner just for her trouble!

What a saint. Your face or personality (maybe both!) got her interested and you failed to mention you were actually a huge waste of time. Your pants came off, she felt sorry for you and didn’t know quite how to tell you. But a Mistress has no issue at all. I’m a truth teller and you can suck it up, buttercup! So how about you face your denial and bring that pathetic nub to me. Better yet, fire up that cam and show me! I’d love to laugh my ass off and make sure you know where you really stand!