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Your Bisexual Mistress, Part II

A little while ago, I wrote a blog called Your Bisexual Mistress, Part I. This is the second half of that blog, explaining about the kind of women I love and how I enjoy domination with them. Feel free to hit that link and catch up if you missed it!
First and foremost, my ideal woman is someone younger than me, about 23-24. I prefer petite, feminine women that are soft spoken and that have little to no sexual experience with women. I’m not attracted to loud women that are dominant and prefer to let opposites attract! That being said, I do not look for women. I just go out, have fun with my friends and let things happen. I actually started playing with women before I was ever with men. It was a way to convince the people closest to me that I was still a good girl for just a little bit longer. I was ‘officially’ allowed to date at 18 but did not go ‘public’ with men until I was 19. (Oh, but that’s a different story!)

Bisexual Domination

I love dominating men, of course. I’ve made it my living. But bisexual domination is a different kind of exciting. I know a female body automatically and there’s that naughty taboo feeling of exposing a shy, curious woman to all of that. There’s definitely a ‘showing her the ropes’ feeling. In my blog Dominating My Girlfriend Just Because, I told all of you of my then-girlfriend named Katie, a real sweetheart back in Portland. I had alot of fun showing her some toys that she didn’t have alot of experience with. But I also dabbled in a little control, also. She was so eager to please me that she’d do anything I wanted, no matter how small or silly the request was.

Things that are fun with men are fun with women, too. Like sensory deprivation with my friend Carrie…..messing with her head was hot because she was vulnerable and not prepared for anything I might do. I remember the shiver that ran through her just at the sheer sexual anxiety of being my toy. Obviously, I love being in charge. I also love teaching women to eat me out, so there’s that! It might seem that it’s all about me, but judging by the way I can make a woman cum with a strap-on or the whimpers that escape from her when I play with her ass and clit at the same time, I’d say that I’m definitely giving back!

In My Bed Recently….

I haven’t played with a woman since I moved to Las Vegas. There are gorgeous ladies here, however….so it might not be long! I had a blast taking charge of a gorgeous, arrogant blonde man that I met, which really threw me because black guys are usually my thing. I’m unpredictable. And who knows? It might just be a girl next time…..I’m not ruling anything out!


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