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Your Bisexual Mistress, Part I

This blog is in response to a certain someone that posed a few questions to me recently. I decided to answer them for all of you.

I’ve liked women forever. If I had to choose between men and women, I love cock the best. But women are fun and break up the monotony of men. They’ve also added a fun variation to cuckolding. Being bisexual is exciting to me. It opens up my options, sure. But it also let’s me tap into a different part of myself. It’s a way to treat myself.

Bisexual For Life

When I was younger and had just first started dating, I was with a woman just to see what it was like. I enjoyed it so much that I never stopped. It looked like I was ‘going through’ fewer boyfriends if I was with women every now and then. It gave my friends and loved ones the impression that I was taking breaks between men and having slow periods when I was actually still having great sex the whole time. Only now, it looked like a girl and I were just hanging out. No girl wants to look like an absolute whore! Other women were my cover.

Treating Myself

Women with their soft skin, perfectly pedicured toes, sensual bodies….gorgeous. When you have a beautiful platonic friend, these physical things about her are something to admire. A woman that keeps herself up is something special. But being able to enjoy it for yourself takes you from admiring it to wanting it, and why should a man get in the way? When two soft, smooth, sensual women get together and indulge in the pleasure of their bodies, it’s like a gift they give to each other.

I hold truly feminine women in the highest esteem. Feminine icons in history have always been a special kind of hero to me, unafraid to be sensual in their own way and never apologizing for it. Being with a woman like that and becoming part of her tapestry forever after is an honor, even if you were only able to enjoy her once.

The Next Part Of This Blog….

Now that I’ve told you why I like women, check back in a few days for more about what I specifically love in a woman, how I like to enjoy the women that I choose and why it’s a whole different domination experience for me!

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