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Part 1: Submissive In A Snare: Mistress Meets Jen
Part 2: Submissive In A Snare: Jen And The Masturbation Mindfucking
Part 3: Submissive In A Snare: Jen Meets Master Edward

Part 4:

Jen had not been prepared for how dominant Master Edward would be. She felt like she was in a dream. Was this happening? Jen had opened her eyes this morning, alone in the bed. Peeking down the hall, she saw Master Edward reading a book and sipping coffee. His home was fine, but the energy was new and unfamiliar. Master Edward saw her in the hall.
‘There’s fruit and yogurt. And coffee, of course. ‘You can eat before or after your shower’, he called to her.
A shower sounded beyond amazing. She was anxious to wash off the sleeping makeup. Maybe hot water and steam would clear her head. Food later.

Dominant With No Signs Of Slowing

Jen disappeared into the bathroom, shed her clothes and dropped them in the hamper, not daring to be messy. Not here.
With a fresh towel from the cabinet nearby, she stepped into the hot shower, closed her eyes and allowed the water to cascade down her body. She lost herself in it, and didn’t even hear her visitor. Jen was facing the faucet when Edward stepped in behind, and she had to bite her lip to keep from shrieking. His hands were on her and it felt nice, she couldn’t deny it. What was happening? Master Edward moved closer.

Soon, she felt his probing finger. It slid between her ass and didn’t stop. The moment she felt him probe her, she heard herself exhale. Something about being near him made her want him. She didn’t understand why she wasn’t repulsed, why she didn’t push away from his dominance. He was already in her head and she was afraid because she liked it.

She Obeyed….

Moving his finger in and out, she heard him speak through the water.
‘Hands behind your back’, he said. She obeyed.
And it was this, this helpless stance that she took for him. Her clit, untouched and she felt that it wasn’t by accident. Her pleasure was secondary, but his dominance was king. She understood and thought of Amber. Would Master Edward tell her all of this and what he had done? Jen felt her cheeks flush at the thought, while Master Edward took his time spreading his hands across her body and found just the spot to make her whimper. He enjoyed being the at the helm of her pleasure and after what seemed like a delicious eternity, it was over. He stepped out of the shower and left her to wash and reflect. Master Edward had not joined her there for any other reason than to show that he could, that as long as she was there with him, she was no longer her own. This made her shiver in the hot water, breathless from the realization.


Edward gave me regular reports on Jen for months. I heard all about her progress, usually over coffee. Edward and I had a mutual friend that would sometimes pass on news. I was happy to be the liaison between Jen and Edward. I love to play and train, but sometimes a different energy is needed. Then, the news stopped. I wasn’t sure what happened exactly, but I saw Jen about a year later and she had grown her hair. She was sitting with friends and I was busy with my own party at our table, but each time I glanced her way and her eyes met mine, she would stiffen. I laughed the first time it happened, there with my friends. They were curious and amused at the spontaneous outburst and I told them about Jen. They each cast glances as I spoke. The restaurant was alive with the sound of conversation and there was no way Jen could have heard us. However, the look on her face while my friends made no secret of staring at her…..Jen knew I was telling her story.

Was it betrayal, humiliation, intrigue or arousal I saw on her face? I wasn’t sure. But I liked it.