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My new service subby looked at me with great concentration, ready to absorb every word. A chance meeting with a local resulted in their confiding in me that their deep desire was to serve a Mistress. Not since my cuckold sub in Oregon had I been willing to take a real sub on here in Vegas. Would they be sweet like my Scott was? Would they listen like he did or be as dumb as box of hair? Needless to say, I agreed to a trial period.

‘You need to be a very good boy while my friends are here. And you may sit quietly with us after you get the hand washing done. But remember, everything you need is right here.’
I tapped the large wash basin next to a pile of panties and other assorted lady things, making sure we had made eye contact and had understanding. There was plenty of hand washing soap and a sink was nearby.
‘No need to go into my room without me.’ I gently cupped the subby’s chin. ‘Never without me, not ever.’
The subby nodded. I had wanted to spend our first few sessions one-on-one but I completely forgot that I had double booked this visit with the same day as my little coffee date with my friends.

Service Subby Breaks The Rule

Mia had to work but Krista was there right on time, and she had brought a new friend named Cara. A lovely little thing, Cara. A quiet, petite blonde, she had recently moved from Phoenix and was excited to meet new people. Cara seemed a little confused when my sub opened the door, but after a brief explanation, some coffee was poured and a little cake was passed around. The three of us ladies settled into my small living room for some girl talk and gossip. Cara was picking my brain about my Mistress lifestyle and I was having quite a good time educating her. Let’s just say there was alot of laughs!

Over the course of conversation, I stopped hearing anything from my sub. I strained and still nothing. So I excused myself from my guests and quietly slipped into the room adjoining the kitchen. My items were soaking in suds, but no subby. So I crept down the hall and found her in deep disobedience…..

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