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Did you miss the first part of this? Catch up here.

I caught her.
Subby was in a dark brown wig wearing a new pair of panties I had never worn. The tag was torn and lying on the floor. She sat at my vanity table and was slowly dragging red lipstick across her lips when she spotted me in the mirror. The look on her face…. instant regret. And the look on mine, well….needless to say she dropped the lipstick tube immediately and stood. However, her head hung. She knew she had disobeyed and that a punishment was coming,

‘I wanted to check that there wasn’t anything else that needed washing’, she stammered. (Little liar.) I hadn’t even asked for an explanation yet but one came tumbling out of her anyway.

‘But then I saw the new lipstick on your vanity and I just wanted to see the shade. Just to see it.
She was working hard to convince me. Still I said nothing.

The Confession

I needed no words, but instead just let the gravity of subby’s decision sink in, allowing the lesson to begin. (Femdom gives alot of opportunity for that!) I reached for her hand and she placed hers in mine. Silently, we walked down the hall into the living room where my guests were waiting. She felt a little heavier as I led the way. The tension was setting in! Upon seeing her bare chested in panties and a wig, Cara gasped and Krista immediately giggled.

‘Tell my lady friends what you did’, I said softly.

‘I disobeyed’, subby said, her head hanging. I waited for her to continue.
‘I went in to your room and used your things. I made a mistake!, she pleaded.

‘And what does that earn you?’, I asked.

‘A consequence’, she almost squeaked.

‘It definitely does.’

Mistress Gives A Punishment

I turned her around and sat on the chair away from my guests so they’d have full view. I heard her gasp and squeal as the panties came down, but over my knee she went. With subby’s mini clit exposed, I felt her legs clench. I knew she was embarrassed and turned on, naturally. With ladies watching her exposed and bare and getting punished, how could she not be? But if she had any hope of surviving a trial period as a submissive, she would need to learn to take her consequences, erotic humiliation included. So with my hand, I gave four open handed spanks. The clap-smack of my palm on her bare cheeks and her subsequent cries were heard by all. Then I stood subby up as she held her pink behind.

Go sit in my wash room and wait until the ladies leave. You have a task to finish. But may get a water bottle from the fridge if you wish‘, I said.

She turned to go, but before she did, subby turned to face me and I pointed to my cheek. She kissed me delicately and headed to the kitchen, whimpering.

‘I might have to get me one of those!’, Cara exclaimed. Then we all laughed, no one louder than me.