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Always A Mistress

I’m always a Mistress. Not just when I’m playing with subs, arranging a party slut for a get-together with my friends or making sure that my cuckold Scott washes my car before he leaves for the day. Of course I’m one then. But it’s not a hat I wear that I take on and off. I’m a Mistress in line at the bank, in traffic or when I’m ordering shrimp and grits at my favorite breakfast place downtown. It’s like a superhero in plain clothes. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing sexy jeans and stilettos or a corset and miniskirt. I’m always a Mistress.

Mistress Minded

You might see me hold a door open for an elderly lady or wait in line for my coffee. I might be checking the mailbox, petting your sweet dog on a leash or smiling at your boyfriend. But never misunderstand. I’m still thinking that I want to see that man of yours broken and naked, begging and needy. I want fat cocks to pump and stuff him at both ends. I want one cock after another balls deep until nothing but a deep stretch remains. Male friends of mine will jerk themselves off in the garbage can that is his gaping ass.

I can’t help it. I’m always a Mistress!






16 comments to Always A Mistress

  • Petey cream puff

    I think it’s great as this is who you are all the time and have life outside of doing calls. In my mind I have mistress as well as it’s my masseuse. With her controlling my spending and putting hold on me buying women’s clothes I can’t say no to her. Honestly I’m glad she’s doing this to me. With her having pictures of me dressed/madeup with lipstick along with myself coming out to get about my dressing she can hit send on her phone anytime. And yes I’m in FLR with her. She did say she wants me to go with her on 4-5 day getaway with her in may while her husband is fishing and is pushing me hard to tell girl I known for 5 years I like to wear women’s clothes/bra/lipstick. I told her I will. What I want is to have both of them make me their cream puff girl along with her friend that sells women’s clothes. I’ll be much more happier and better person if all 3 want to do this to me.

    • Amber

      Well, you know how I feel about expanding your circle of female confidants!

      • Petey cream puff

        I’m going to tell girl that I like wearing women’s clothes. I’ll just be honest with her and say it fits/feels and look better on me then my guy clothes.

          • Petey cream puff

            Mistress I think she suspects that I’m a cream puff. She’s taking charge of me. I don’t dare ask out girls as she reamed me out last summer as all I talked about was her BFF. I really think she won’t let me go as she does have her nails dug into me. Her goal was to make me more well rounded and she’s succeeding. I’m thinking like her as we are leaving together at functions as well her telling me to sit by her as well. I don’t dare say no to her as I really am in flr with her and my masseuse and now both of them in charge and control of me.

          • Amber

            Good. That’s exactly the kind of lifestyle that will help you grow, Petey!

  • Perfect blog post Ms Amber !!!! Even when being a Bitch Goddess or a Mean Mistress — that doesn’t mean a Mistress is a bitch (lower case b). AND you are correct in pointing out that being polite and/or professional means being pushover… ohhhhh some might TRY that but then they quickly find out Mistress doesn’t PLAY there! ~laughs~

  • Oh Ms. Amber! I loved how you so dominantly and confidently said, “Male friends of mine will jerk themselves off in the garbage can that is his gaping ass.” I have a feeling that whoever you’re referring to as the garbage can wouldn’t have you any other way!

  • I like that a lot Ms. Amber! The trash can is a great analogy. Those subs do need to be used. They should understand that their holes are for mistress to use. I know exactly what you mean about being a mistress twenty four seven. It is an attitude. Everywhere you go, men tend to look like meat does to a lioness!

  • Love it that you are real in who you are. If everyone was like that the world would be a much better place.

    BTW I would totally love to be that garbage can. 😉

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Amber, i like how You refer to it as a garbage can. This is really how lesser males should be used. Let all the Superior dump their loads all over them. So we basically are garbage cans.

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