In the first part of this blog, I wrote about the effects of chastity on cocks both big and small. Did you miss that entry? Catch up here.
What follows is the second and final part.


Chastity for behavior therapy

Chastity is also an effective tool for a man that has an arrogance about him that makes him hard to be around. There’s no need to put up with any man that has a chip on his shoulder or who needs to be reminded that a woman is in charge. Locking a man in a cock cage for behavior therapy can enable a dominant woman to shape him into a more manageable person. In some cases, taking away the cock confidence that he has always fallen back on will force him to explore more sides of himself and become more sensitive as a result.

Chastity is also excellent for curbing masturbation addiction. When it comes to orgasm overload, cock size has nothing to do with it! All men love to touch themselves, but for some, it is an obsession that hinders them from prioritizing their day correctly or handling their responsibilities. Whether a woman locks you up or you lock yourself, it is an exercise in discipline. Your personal reaction to a cock cage is a direct chance to see just how much stroking has taken over your life. If a chastity device is more than you can handle, that’s a sure sign that it’s exactly what you need, at least for awhile.

Chastity for service to women

Once discipline is achieved through chastity, a Mistress or dominant woman will have a base in which to work with. Will he now be a service slut, prepared to offer himself? Body worship, queening, domestic duties as a sissy maid…the list goes on and on. Perhaps he will be a cuckold, living out his submission as he witnesses his sexually liberated wife or girlfriend finally getting great sex or enjoying all the cock she wants. (Don’t forget those cuckold duties to suck and fuck on command!) Perhaps he’ll be the whore that she trots out for her friends and their entertainment? Games with guests, humiliation and lots of laughs that might end in a shared strap-on or coerced bi.

Chastity can be thrilling, humbling, fulfilling and arousing. Whether it is in service to a Mistress, for a personality adjustment, in shameless love of humiliation or for your solo pursuits for discipline, the possibilities are endless!