I love a man in chastity. Few things make me happier than a chance to lock a man up and change his whole world. Regardless of whether a man is submissive or dominant, something happens when you take their cock away. It doesn’t matter if that cock is big or small. It makes an impact.

All cocks can benefit from chastity

For men that have a smaller cock, chastity helps them remember that they are meant for service. Depending how small we’re talking, you likely can’t benefit from that little penis anyway. If a man can’t be used for the one thing that they should be able to give you, why in the world would you let him keep it? It is not enough for them to merely accept their failure as men and go about their business, assuming that because it is unchangeable, there should be no consequence. Men with a laughable micro-penis need to be more than just self-aware. They must be prepared to accept whatever a woman decides to do about it. What’s fair, what’s unfair….it all must go out the window, along with their own self-pity. You don’t choose your cock size, of course. But it now has more to do with what a woman feels you deserve, not how much you may feel her choices are now just to pick on you. If a woman knows that you have a non-existent penis and is still talking to you, yield to her decisions, loser! The Universe pre-destined you to be alone, so any attention a woman pays you now is pretty damn special. Your service is now your offering, and it is in exchange for what real men give.

Chastity has a different effect when a man has a larger cock. There’s still a psychological aspect to it, but it affects them differently because they have gone all of their lives feeling adequate and equipped, sometimes very much so. For a man that is used to having some level of control over his own life, losing his prized possession and sense of masculinity offers a special thrill. Many men go through life having their well-endowed cock as a silent guarantee that they’re ‘good enough’. No matter what life throws at him, some men can play their Cock Card and instantly have one-up on scads of other men. Knowing he’s carrying an adequate tool to get the job done means that he’s more than just a nice face. He’s probably no stranger to casual sex or relationships, and have likely pleasured many women with the one thing that guarantees that he’s a real man. Taking that away changes everything. Suddenly, Mr. Have It All Together crumbles completely, and there’s no regaining control again, not as long as a woman is running the show. It’s exhilarating for the woman to have that control, and the man cannot help but feel turned on, although it seems like he shouldn’t be aroused.

Don’t miss the second part of this blog (coming soon), where I will discuss chastity for behavior modification, and the opportunities to serve in chastity!