I want to say it broke my heart, but that would be lying. A sad little pindick called me on Skype to jerk off in his office at work, and all he could talk about was BBC. Unlike my little whore Cum Slurp Brian, my office entertainment wasn’t wanting to suck cock. He was just jealous of it, plain and simple. And his little version of a ‘tantrum’ was to beat his little meat into submission. Oh, what a sad sack. I can still see him when I close my eyes.

Pindick Hubby, Beatin’ That Meat!

Mr. Tiny Nub explained that he has already lost two girlfriends to BBC in the past. Then he got married (clearly new wifey saw $$$ and stability) and has been able to keep his wife (at least on paper) for fifteen years. However, he lives with a daily fear that his wife will stumble into hotwife territory, trading years of bedroom disappointment for the Almighty Black Cock that has already humiliated him before.

Poor guy. His little mousey voice asked me if I thought his wife would ever cross over to the dark side and let BBC into her pussy? I gave him my honest opinion…..that she already has. Please! Your smokin’ hotwife is married to someone that she doesn’t even want oral from, and you think she’s cool with living without sex and letting that body go to waste? No, sweetheart. I guarantee that you’re cursed as fuck with the BBC that seems to find all the women you love. The Housewife Hunter has struck again, I am sure of it.

It’s time for some Cuckold Training, pindick!

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