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You may not be able to do anything about being cuckolded, because it’s not up to you. But that doesn’t mean you should sit at home like a potato on the sofa and jerk off, feeling sorry for yourself. That’s alot of wasted potential even if you are a potato on the sofa, but I won’t hear of it! You might as well do something useful while your wife gets fucked, and I’m in the business of making things happen. So maybe it’s time for cuck training. Like you’re doing anything anyway, loser!

No more waiting for texts! Come to class and learn something!

Time For Class, Cuck!

While that hotwife is having the time of her life, I’ll be your cuck trainer. We need to get you into the cuckold mindset and keep you there! Make sure you’re dressed when you call, and be ready to share the details of the outfit. Bonus points if I get to see your outfit on cam and we get to play! We’ll keep you focused on sissy vids and sissy subjects, holding you in my special brand of submissive arousal and see what kind of trouble we can get into! Let’s explore your wife’s panty drawer…..there might even be a cummy surprise for when she returns!

That’s barely the beginning of the masturbation ideas to shake up your norm. You’ll be pleasantly distracted while you wait for wifey to get home. I’ll even share some tips to increase your chances of getting that creampie later! Your wife may want to talk about her date or need help getting undressed. Won’t you be proud to show her what a good cuck you are? You’ll have me and my cuck training classes to thank….potato!