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Call Confessions: Cum Junkie Michael, Living The Cumslut Dream

I always love my sessions with ‘Michael’, because he’s gone through such a transformation and I’ve played a part in it! Michael gave me a cum-tastic update a year ago, and of course it made me smile. He’s cumslut for sure, and he’s gone from curious about his cum to complete sperm-aholic. February 2017 marks my 3rd year with LDW, and I thought I’d share a little about Michael again….someone who started calling from my very first year. Together, we’ve inched him from solo cum-taster to complete addict!

The Cumslut Report

Michael masturbates and blows his load and eats it for me on every session, but last call, he had something naughty to share with me first. He excitedly told me about a recent bit of fun he had with his partners. I say ‘partners’ becase that’s exactly what they are. When Michael was getting started taking his cocksucking fantasy to reality, he knew he needed to people to play with that were safe and discreet, and he went through a process of selecting people he felt comfortable with. These men got tested for STD’s, which was crucial. Now they all meet up approximately 4-5 times a week, and I am proud to say that they’re all being safe.

Michael told me of his last meeting with them, and he grew more and more excited with every detail. Two of his partners plus Michael and lots of dirty fun! Michael gave blow jobs, got fucked, got his ass eaten and at the end, he was able to enjoy six delicious loads. Four of those were from the other men and two were from Michael himself. One was from the hands of the men he played with, and one was a snowball from another man to him. What a cum junkie!

Living The Cumslut Dream

Michael has a girlfriend that knows what he does, and she realizes she can’t change him. And why would you want to? By being able to be himself, he is his best self for others. His girlfriend has a hot, sexy life with him. too…..and she’s delved into his foot and ass worship kink, also. As a result, Michael is making the effort to ensure that she’s happy and satisfied in bed. I love my sessions with Michael. He doesn’t need any cum eating training anymore, but they’re great calls just the same. He’s making up for lost time in all the years that he didn’t eat cum, which is truly his addiction now. Plus, I like to hear how he’s enjoying his new life, the life that he started living when he stopped being curious and allowed his curiosities to lead him to happiness and balance.

If you’re an aspiring splooge sucker, I can help you like I helped Michael! It starts small. You open your mind’s door and I plant a seed. You allow that thought to root and then you follow your own excitement to new opportunities.
Sometimes all you need is a nudge. Michael is proof that I’m the one do it!


* Call Confessions is not a surprise blog, and featured callers have been notified. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. *


4 comments to Call Confessions: Cum Junkie Michael, Living The Cumslut Dream

  • nickyricky

    This is a really great story. I have been trying forever to eat my own cum (since my days of high school). Sometimes I have been successful and swallowed, but other times it’s extremely difficult for me. My mind always fights me, the only times I can escape my default mindset is when I drink a few beers or a glass of wine (or have a smoke of bud). I would love to be able to do this sober, but I think it’s probably impossible given I’m “very straight” normally. If I cum in my mouth or even eat out of my hand when in “straight mode”, my mind feels super grossed out and never wants to do it again.

    Yet a couple days later, if I’m horny for some porn, I find myself watching cumshot videos and slowly sinking down the rabbit hole, until I crave tasting it myself. Truth be told, I’d love to be able to eat my own cum anytime and not feel any kind of remorse or shame afterwards– rather just immense bliss that I went through with it 🙂 I need to figure a way around my normal default thinking and rather just go into horny mode and stay there 😀

    • Amber

      ‘Michael’ actually craves the cum as much as the orgasm….I think that’s the trick. Making the cim load your reward instead of the release as a reward. Once you train your brain, it can change things.

  • Michael

    Mistress Amber is so very awesome and she, absolutely, can help you become a cum eater! She also is correct that making the cum load, and not the orgasm, the reward is one of the tricks! The way to do this is to have a session with her where she will be able to get you to eat your entire load. Then, to follow that by doing a session with her every time you masturbate for a while. It took me a few weeks but, eating it started to become automatic and eventually I couldn’t even imagine masturbating and not eating it any more.

    There are several mistresses with LDW that warn that the taste of cum can be quite addictive and, I can verify that 100%. It’s not a physical addiction like a drug but, you start to crave it more and more and, nothing else in the world tastes like it so, the only way to satisfy the craving is to eat cum! Now for me, the cravings became almost constant and I had always had bisexual tendencies but, I always thought the gay side of my sexuality would remain forever dormant. However, the constant craving for cum pushed me into trying it and now I totally love it, should have been doing it all along and, am never going to stop.

    However, nickyricky, you imply that you view cum eating as “gay” and you are very straight. There are a lot of guys who view some things as gay when they really aren’t at all. For example, many guys think that if they enjoy anal pleasure that means they’re gay. If your girlfriend or wife is playing with your ass or using a toy on it and it feels fantastic, isn’t that a woman doing it? And, how is that gay? Playing with your own ass certainly isn’t gay either. Cum eating isn’t any different! Eating your OWN cum isn’t any more gay than playing with your own dick and, face it, if that’s the definition of gay, then everyone is! If you wish to become a cum eater/addict and, it sounds like you do. You need to get rid of the mindset that it’s gay, put your trust into Mistress Amber or another mistress and start to experience the incredible delight of eating all of that extremely tasty cum! Good luck!

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