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I’ve said it a million times: cocksucking is a gateway drug. How eagerly a fantasy boy ventures forth into the wide world of whoredom, often mistakenly assuming that he will merely dip his toe into the pool of promiscuity, scratch his itch with one delicious cock and get back to his regular life. Dear reader, the moment a cock passes your lips, you are locked inside a glorious hunger chamber that transforms you into the addict you’ve secretly feared and hoped to be.

Cocksucking is a beautiful spiral down, down, down…..

Cocksucking leads to more

A true cocksucking fantasy starts from curiosity and blossoms into full-blown wanderlust. Cocksucking trips a switch, and branches off from there. Once you surrender, you then take a quiet turn into sissydom, grow addicted to the stretch of toys, eat your own cum to get the taste again or begin to spread your legs to men or trans girls that fuck the ‘boy’ right out of you. Hell, maybe you try it all, love it more than you ever thought you could and then live for cam, shock and the laughter or sting of a female voice.

You’re never done. You’ll never have enough. It will rouse you from sleep, stiffen you regularly and drive you to more. You do not lose control, you merely access more than you had before. How could that possibly be bad?

From that to this, I remember thinking. There he was, naked in front of his mirrored closet door, on his knees for me. Wearing a matching pink and black collar and ball gag and nothing else, I watched him play. Thanks to the mirror behind him, I saw that bounce bitch speed-pump and lose himself in the rhythm of it all. I led him through subspace as his personal guide in a tour of filth.

I’ve known this whore for awhile and he’s not just a fantasy fuck boy. No, he has gladdened my devious Mistress heart by doing what he aches for. An ever-horny stroke addict, my little pump junkie performed for me while dreaming of being a garbage can for cum.

Are you next? Do you ache for cock? Let’s play.