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Q is For Queening

Q is for Queening, and if you’re lucky enough to be my service slut, submitting is so much fun from underneath! I’ll make you crave it, just like everything else filthy and humiliating!


Queening Means More Power For Me, Naturally

Like you could ever get enough female domination anyway! Queening combines the delicious taste of my naughtiest, warmest places with your unending desire to serve. And there’s alot of power on top, not that you would ever know. You’re a born ‘bottom’, at least where a Mistress is concerned!

Queening is relaxing. After a day out shopping or at the gym, maybe even fresh from the shower? I have been known to catch up on texts and emails from atop a eager queening slut! And of course it’s fun for me, naturally! Whether it’s regular face-sitting or reverse, I’ll never turn down a chance to get a few dozen orgasms from your soft, wet tongue. I’ll slide off and give you a break when I feel like it, and if the mood strikes me right, I may manipulate your air flow just to further remind you of who’s in charge!

Amber (5)

Queening turns a girl party into a squeal-fest!

If you’re very, very lucky, I’ll trot you out for service at parties. Your compliance with being a cocksucking slut for male guests is a no-brainer, but I have little gatherings with my girlfriends all the time. What a party favor you will be! You can’t expect me to brag to my ladies about how well you lick, lap and slurp and then not share with everyone.

Your sad, lonely dick won’t be getting alot of action at a shindig like that, let’s just be clear about that now. Your sexual pleasure is a bit different in that situation. If you spurt a blob of cum while you service one pussy after another, no one would be surprised. But you’ll do it without touching yourself, as your hands will be busy with me. Your enjoyment comes from being devoted to your Mistress, from the squeals of one satisified lady after another. Do a very good job, and you might earn yourself a group strap-on! I’ve been known to do that more than a few times!



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  • The guy is definitely getting some pleasure out of queening. This thrilling delicious sexual act places the man in the most slavish, subservient position by using his mouth and tongue to grind down as the woman is holding herself up is true devotion to her pleasure, her orgasm and her time.

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