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Amber Academy, Series XX: Beautiful Fall Eye Make-Up Makeover

The eyes are the first thing you see on a person. If someone’s tired or upset, happy or excited…the eyes have it! So why not try something new and fabulously feminine this season and give yourself a little fall eye make-up makeover?

Little Changes, Big Impact

The day I tried a colored mascara, it changed the eye make-up game for me. Cobalt blue, dark plum….a few swipes on the lashes always gets noticed! Basic black will always be classic, but sometimes you gotta change it up!

Want something more bold? Consider a bold eye shadow like purple or hunter green for some Fall flair! You might even try a dark blue, purple or green eye liner if you’re not ready for such an outspoken shadow.

Maybe you’re just starting out and you want to down-play the eye drama? You can still pick up a fresh trend and get noticed! A shimmery, white shadow applied thinly at just the corners of the eyes is a great way to do just that!

Eye Make-up Safety & Brows

And here’s a quick reminder with some eye make-up safety tips I shared before in a previous blog ‘Tips And Tricks With Cosmetics.

Pay attention to the look and smell of things. Any cosmetics that develop a rank smell (especially mascara) has probably gone bad and can harbor bacteria and contribute to itchiness, rashes or infection. This is a good rule of thumb:

*Powder blush and eyeshadow: will keep for 12-18 mos
* Lipstick: will keep for 12-18 mos
*Mascara: will keep for 3-4 mos
*Eyeliner: will keep for 18-24 mos
*Liquid make-up: will keep for 6-12 mos

If you’ve had an eye infection such as conjuctivitis or staph, discontinue use of cosmetics on your eyes. Any mascaras, liners or shadows that you have used during the infection will have to be thrown away to avoid re-infection, as your bacteria lives in your now-tainted makeup. Don’t mess with eye infections! 

Oh, and before I forget, I wrote an awesome blog on eyebrows if you missed it or would like to pair more great beauty help to match those dazzling, post-makeover eyes!

Wrapping Up

This Fall Series is going to be awesome! Count wait to share all the amazing seasonal subjects I have planned! Happy shopping, and see you next week!


2 comments to Amber Academy, Series XX: Beautiful Fall Eye Make-Up Makeover

  • Oh Ms. Amber, I love a blue mascara! It makes the whites of the eyes look whiter. If I want a change in eyeshadow color then I tend to go for a burgundy brown. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because of the clothes and makeup options. I bet your sissies enjoy the variety too.

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