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Amber Academy, Series XIX: Comfortable In Your Feminine Skin

I spoke to two people yesterday that really made me smile. They were very different from each other, but one thing was clear: they were comfortable in their own sissy and cross dresser skin.

It’s YOUR Feminine Life!

Your life is divided into two parts. The first is finding out who you are and then you are ready for the second part: living your truth and apologizing to no one. The sooner you come to terms with the pure you, the sooner you can enjoy it and live the way you were meant to. Being truly happy is about taking charge of your feminine life and living it, without apology.

Embrace Your Feminine Feelings

Some people spend the majority of their lives trying to accept the truth about themselves, feeling guilty or shameful and/or apologizing for the way they are or what they want. They may criticize themselves harshly or continue to get caught up in a purge cycle, throwing away the pretty clothes that bring them so much joy and ‘completness’ thinking that this will destroy their desire for them. How tragic that is! As long as you’re not hurting anyone or breaking any laws, you should never apologize for living as you wish.

Yesterday, I spoke to a cross dresser husband that just loves the clothes, and a naughty sissy on hormones that is becoming more feminine day by day. I was more than happy to spend a little time with them, to see them enjoy themselves completely.

Both of my callers had a charisma about them. I was pulled into their feminine current and warmed by their confidence. Clearly they made an impression….they both inspired me to write this blog!

Small Steps Make Progress

Maybe you have a few roadblocks or responsibilities keeping you from your ultimate life. So start small, take little steps but keep making progress with your feminization. Take care of responsibilities but don’t neglect yourself. If dressing en femme or living en femme is your goal, the only one standing in your way is you.

Refuse to live a limiting life. Life’s too short to put anything off.

6 comments to Amber Academy, Series XIX: Comfortable In Your Feminine Skin

  • Gem Sissy

    Inspiring as always, Mistress Amber.

  • Petey cream puff

    I totally agree with you on this!!! I love how women’s clothes fit and feel so much better on me then my guy clothes. Especially when I wear my bra and panties!!! When I came out to my masseuse about my cross dressing it was best decision I ever made!!! Ever since then she has me using same facial lotions and perfume she uses along with them on my massages and cheeks. She’s even taken me out dressed up for lunch and dinner along with shopping as well taken pictures of me dressed up with her phone/measured/fitted me in bras along with giving me 5 of her old bras. She said it is what it is and I need to embrace/accept who I am and become. Which I agreed with her. Though she’s married she told me not to worry about her husband. With her taking control over my spending so I can do 2 hour massages 3xweek along with monthly waxings she has her nails dug into me with no intention of ever letting me go which is what I wanted and needed to keep me in line.

  • Sissy Nylon Barbie Doll

    So very true. Great Blog.



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