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Amber Academy, Series XIX: Taking Charge And Living Your Life

I just got done watching one of my favorite movies of all time. Three veteran actresses and all ‘first wives’…..that’s the premise of the movie. (And a huge hint on the title. That’s 2/3 of the words in the title, actually!) It’s kind of a forgotten film that no one talks much about, but there’s such a camaraderie between the women in the movie. They are initially brought together by tragedy and find strength in each other to take control of their own lives because they’re done wasting time! It’s a funny film, but also inspiring. And when you’re done watching, you might just feel a little tug to be a little like the women. When there’s a compelling message, sometimes it’s a call to action. And in this case, I mean taking charge of your feminine journey.

Taking Charge….Right Now!

Maybe you’ve been living in the wrong body your whole life and you’ve never told anyone. You need more than just guided feminization… yearn to do something physical to embrace your female side. But it’s something you’re hesitant to ask for and you think you might be too old now to do anything like that.

You might be in a loveless marriage, just you and your wife. You played the role the best you could. Your ‘littles’ have grown and gone, but you’re actually miserable and figure it’s too late to start over.

You want to branch out sexually and have some fun on the side. You love your wife, but she’s vanilla, conservative, clueless about the real ‘you’, or all three. You want to stay safe and never ‘bring anything home’ to her, of course. Hell, you would never tell her what you’re doing because it would break her heart. Maybe she’s your best friend. But you were BORN to be a cocksucker or maybe more….and you can’t hold it in anymore.

Maybe you’ve got the house to yourself and feel the tug of a deepening sissy life but are a little stagnant and still straddling both worlds.

Sound familiar?

No More Stalling!

As long as you still have a pulse, there’s time. There’s time to talk to your doctor about hormone therapy. There’s time to look for an apartment and end the dull and lifeless marriage that’s choking out you and your wife. There’s time to reach out and meet some people that have common interests….and fat cock to play with! And there’s time to buy some panties, start sleeping in beautiful lingerie and begin the living the en femme life you’ve dreamed about.

No more sitting around. No more stalling. You’re wasting precious time worrying about what others will say or finally having to face yourself and what you really are. No judgement here, of course! But tough love all the way and I’m not going to shut up about it. If you’re ready to take a step, make a choice or take your fantasies into reality, you need to get out of your own way.

It’s time to put something in motion, to change your life because you’re worth the work and you deserve the reward. Who’s ready?

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  • I hope everyone read this. So many people deal with situations that make them miserable. I know that movie you are talking about too, it was great.Few people take control of their lives like those women did. Now is the perfect time to do what you always wanted to do. You owe it to yourself.

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