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Amber Academy, Series XIV: Being Feminine For Femininity’s Sake

If you’re a regular reader of Amber Academy, then there’s probably something feminine below the surface. It may or may not surprise others, and maybe you struggle with it and maybe you don’t. But it’s there just the same and you’re not wrong or bad for wanting it.

Feminine Things For Feminine Reasons

If you want to go to bed in a pretty pink negligee, paint your toes a new color every weekend, spend hours looking at make-up and handbags online, pore over fashion magazines or secretly watch reality trash TV just because girl drama is the best damn drama, then do it.

If you want to sit in a bubble bath with a glass of wine, suck a stranger’s cock a few times a month, wear panties under your boy clothes and bounce on a suction cup dildo in the middle of the night while moaning the name of your hot boss at work, I fully encourage it.

You and I are different, obviously. But we’re alot alike, too. I am a lipstick fiend, a shameless masturbator, an online shopping junkie, a fashion magazine reader just like you might be. I lust for new lingerie, sometimes play with make-up but never leave the house and you best believe that I suck my share of cock! So, it’s not about what we do or don’t do. It’s about why we do it, and that can’t be ignored. The reason you do your thing is the same reason I do mine.

I do it to feel beautiful, because I’m curious and horny and am inspired by others. I do it because I’m evolving and learning and because doing the things that make me feel feminine and sexy keep me sane and sated.
Whatever it is for you, do it. Pay attention to what you need and get it. Savor it. Let it wash you, refine you, iron you out and renew you for the next day.
You are a unique animal, a rarity and a living machine that seeks comfort and beauty.
You and I aren’t that different at all.





20 comments to Amber Academy, Series XIV: Being Feminine For Femininity’s Sake

  • Petey cream puff

    Spot on with this!!! I love wearing my bra/panty set along with my slip when I go to sleep! It feels so good with the soft fabrics against my soft/waxed girlish skin! Also I love wearing women’s skinny slacks as well. I’ve started wearing them all the time with women’s mule. It’s who I’ve become and am. My massuse told me to be me and I have. She told me she has 2 more purses she wants me to buy and I’m going to. I’ve started wearing bra/panty along with slacks/knee high/ankle boots/women’s turtle neck sweater to my Friday massages. In all honestly I wish I was born a girl instead of guy. They are the better sex. I told her that and she agreed. She said I need to be with women more and I said I want to starting with her & her gfs. The bottom line is Ms Amber I want her to dress me as a girl/put makeup/lipstick/perfume on me and be her cream puff. It’s who I am and become.

    • Amber

      I’m glad you have such a fun masseuse!

      • Petey cream puff

        She’s taken me under her wing. She said yesterday she has dresses she wants me to buy. She was going to show what they were but there was client waiting for massage so we decided to wait till next Friday to have her show me.

        • Amber

          I bet she has some great stuff in mind, Petey!

          • Petey cream puff

            I think so to Ms Amber. 😳 im anxious what dresses she picked out and wants me to buy. I bought 2 more purses from her as well. Deep down I hope she wants me to bring in dresses to try on for her. She’s already made me her cream puff purse boy and now she’s going to have me buy/try on dresses. I have book on where guys want to be made to wear lingerie/dresses by women and I’m going to have her look at book and tell her this is what I want her to do to me.

          • Amber

            Be sure to let me know how that goes!

          • Petey cream puff

            I went to her yesterday for massage and she said she had party for 25 women as one of her friends has clothing line. She said she tried on dresses and was thinking about me. She told me she wants me in the dress that she was wearing and wants me to wear it when we go shopping. I also bought 2 more coach purses from her and she called me women. After massage I bought the green dress along with other women’s tops from her. She said with warmer weather she wants me to wear women’s tank tops along with halter neck tops. I was told she’s going to take me shopping with her when she buys another purse as I was told that I will be wearing a dress when I go with her. Also this Friday she told me to bring my 6 favorite dresses as she wants to see me in them. OMG Ms Amber she’s talking lead in our relationship and I’ve become her cream puff girl.

          • Amber

            Yeah, women are bossy like that. Good for you, Petey!

          • Petey cream puff

            She took the lead in relationship by telling me that she was thinking about me and wanting to see me in dress. I was told when we go shopping I’ll be wearing a dress and she told me not to worry as I’ll be with her. I was told by her that with my legs being smooth/waxed along with my butt I have perfect build to wear women’s clothes. I was told I’ll be going with her as she wants to go shopping for a new purse. With clothes/dress I bought she decided to avoid shipping the clothes with be mailed to her place and said I can try on clothes for her to see. The only negative is she’s married. I’m in real female lead relationship as I’m really her cream puff sissy. It is what I always wanted to happen and it in real relationship with her calling the shots. And yes I must do what she says as she can expose me now that she knows I like to wear women’s clothes/bra/panties. I belong to her.

          • Amber

            It certainly sounds like you do!

    • I have the worst time with my eyes lol. So don’t feel bad. And I’ve lived full-time on my past. It’s a tough road to handle at times. As have I had makeovers and looked stunning. Bought their products they’ve used, gone home and tried to recreate, what they did to make me look and feel good about myself and I almost look like I took a box of crayons and put it on haha, so don’t get discouraged. I’ve been to Macy’s/ Mary Kay products/ Clinique just to name a few. Mac and Clinique I appear to be better at than Mary Kay products, as they put more blending into their products than most of the others. Since they have quit selling Pan Stick, it’s even worse. I got my face lazered last year and had to stop in the middle, so have to go back again this year and start the treatments all over again.

      But as far as being more yourself, I think that’s great. When I lived full time, I found even my worst days were far better than any day in man’s world. Transitioning isn’t all glitz and glamour as often times portrayed online. So any help one can get from a female friend, is a good thing. I wish you all the very best life has to offer you

  • You’re right Mistress Amber. Though you are definitely more beautiful than I am.

  • I’m a bit more complex than most, but same situations maybe. I’ve been cleared terce for SRS surgery, lived full time in girl world 13+ years. On 6mg of estradiol and 100ng of Spiro daily, as do I see an obgyn twice year for check-in and to get tested on my hormone levels. I’ve had to revert back twice, which just destroys me. As I myself have never felt manly on any level in my life. I’m probably the only one that’s happy I have nothing between my legs for a Superior Woman, as am on , which I do value the lifestyle. I’m so beside myself on some days as I never Drempt I’d spend my whole life getting back to being me. As am I a bit disgusted with this thing called “Life”. Often times think it’s over rated. Haha. I on most days have to watch myself out my actions, so to speak. Not sure how I got so turned onto this erotic hypnosis thingy. But it’s not like one can just walk away, as allot of what they say, I probably am. Lol. It’s not like one can reverse it, as there’s not much to reverse really. I got off the road in January as I got fed up with working for liars in an industry that never appreciates their employees. I’ve driven trucks in the separate countries not including 3 continents haha. Put my life in the line and still I question why. So I just said the heck with it.

    Being TS and never feeling like a man like ever in my life, I’ve always tried to put women above me, as they busy their assess almost daily trying to prove themselves withy in a man’s world. Personally I think it should be the other way around, as most of the women I’ve ever hired, have it worked most of the men I had working for me, when I had my business up and running. One thing I’ve learned, is that you can have the laziest bastard working for you and put a woman on his crew and that lazy bastard will kill himself to look good in front of the women on his crew. Funniest thing I ever witnessed. He thinks he’s getting a piece of ass and all asked they’re to do is work and price herself worthy. I often times think women get a raw deal in life. Sadly at times.

    But, thank-You for allowing me to comment as well as thank-You all

  • Being TS myself on HRT decades now. It’s like I’ve lived full time in girl world and so feel like I’m stuck on a stoop somehow. It’s like my desires are to be 24)7/forever as I’ve been in my past. People have no idea how hard it can be to transition. It’s not always glitz and glamour.

    Like life is tough for anyone at times. Being TS in transition has a whole other set of toughs to be thrown on top of normal toughs. As have I had cock in my past. It’s crazy that I think so often of cock or even outfits that I find irritable to cock. So odd that I’m like that at times. As am I cindyjones313T on

  • These days men are willing to go to great lengths to make a good first impression. Just like women, men are making time for themselves. This includes going to the salon for cut and color. Not to mention the full-service pampering as this increases their confidence.

    • Amber

      I’m glad they are making that time, Miss Cindy. Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then.

    • I personally love going yup the salon as as i always having a better day in doing so. I simply love it.

      From getting my hair colored to cut or my eyebrows waxed, which by the way is much cheaper than than one might think really as the most I’ve paid its like 12$. Much more professional as does it last longer. As do i totally love my acrylic nails. I narrowly have them cut back a bit for work purposes as do they last longer. And pedicures ate so relaxing. It’s like your feet tingle for said afterwards.

      They’re ate other health benefits to going yup the salon, besides getting things done and feeling pampered. As even getting a pedicure, the person doing it might pick up on something that you yourself might miss health wise or recommend a product that protects or moisturize better than allot of the alcohol relayed products that are often bought off the shelves. Such as lotions aren’t really good for your face as much as retina-A is our that a cream called “Udder Cream”, is a moisturizer that’s absolutely alcohol free. Alcohol based products often times dry out skin out.

      Not yup mention other things, such as the girl talk and chuckling to laughing with others to even just feeling more relaxed about being ourselves more or in tone with our feelings. Even the gossip is good times aft the salon. Women feel more relaxed yup generally let go in salons than most other places maybe, even with people such as ourselves.

      Other things I’d love to try is the Brazilian wax. Which of your skeptical about it. They’re ate more men that get these things, than women ironically. So don’t feel out of place by any means, as does the shop or salon for which your going to, does appreciate your business as well. Another thing i haven’t tried is the new dad called bleaching the poop hole so to speak. But that’s a new fad as well ironic lol.

      Thanks to A/all for allowing me this pleasure of allowing me to comment, as well as wishing Y/you a terrific day!!

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