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Addicted To Dick

So many cocks, so little time. That’s how some of you think, isn’t it? But it’s only because you’re past the fantasy life. No more daydreaming or dick-hoping for you! You’ve met your alter ego, and have let him have a little fun. (By the way, he’s a slut!) And now it’s official. You’re addicted to dick and I’m not talking to those porn pervs that sit at home and can’t stop beating their meat. Oh, I love you dirty mofos, don’t think I don’t. But this is for those that have tasted real man and now you can’t go back.

Need It Now!

I know what it’s like to need something and to have it consume you. Sucking dick is a special kind of addiction. It’s not expensive like gambling or drinking, because you can do it without a dime in your pocket. It doesn’t fatten you up like food, but it will make you drunk in a different way. It’s actually called subspace and you can go there whenever you want. Need a little help? Looking for a nudge? Those addicted to dick need a bad influence to have even more fun. That’s where I come in…. and the party never has to end!


10 comments to Addicted To Dick

  • Nikki

    Desire / lust / trust / devotion / cock / fulfillment

    Desire – when you just need His cock

    Lust – when the need is too much to bear you beg

    Trust – when you trust your Mistress to provide you a safe encounter, you can let go an be Hers

    Devotion – to Her and Him to provide what They want, to see, to feel – when you forget your pleasure – yours is actually enhanced by servitude

    Cock – oh the things it makes you do

    Fulfillment- knowing you pleased Her in oh so many ways, knowing you pleased Him – dont you feel it, when you hear – ‘ best blowjob ever ‘

    Yeah, subspace that place between the ears where you are not who you are daily, where you are able to let go not think, just perform – and achieve heights some know exist….but many fo not achieve.

  • sml_peter

    Still waiting for my opportunity to suck a big fat cock and give him a lot of pleasure.

  • Michael

    Oh hell yes, it’s the best kind of drunk there is. Not done until there is cum – so yummy!!!

  • I’m addickted to the Cock. I can no longer deny that. I’d take at least one Cock a day if I could.☺️

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