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You’re A Cum Rag!

Often in calls (and sometimes in blogs), I’ll refer to some of you as a cum rag. I’m sure you know what a cum ragΒ is for the most part, but do you know why I call you one? Well, to get to the root of that, let’s imagine a woman that just got stuffed with sexy cock. Maybe it’s a hotwife with her Bull, maybe it’s just your regular, everyday horny chick. And damn, was that sex good! But now it’s over and she’s a little messy. And because Little Miss Naughty didn’t use a condom, we’re not talking messy moist, oh no. We’re talking messy goo.

So unless she wants to ruin her panties when she’s putting her clothes back on, she’s gotta clean up a little. Sometimes it’s tissue paper, but only if she has nothing else. 9 out of 10 sexy girls agree that they need something a little more substantial and absorbent….like a small towel. Once used, that’s ready for the hamper, now isn’t it? That’s a filthy rag that no one wants to touch, stained with cum and filth. A cum rag! And oh, that’s how we get to you. You’re just like that… least you’ll be when I get done with you!

Cum Rag, How Does It Feel To Be Filthy?

Some of you are dirty little cocksucking cuckold wannabes, like my sweet, little dick cross dresser Pee Wee! Polite, charming and obedient Pee Wee….did I mention undersexed, horny-as-fuck and aching to be used? What Pee Wee wouldn’t give to be on his knees for me, subjected to a few surprise cocks to gag all over! More than that, all that ball licking and mouth-masturbating is only going to make those men want to fuck more of what Pee Wee has to offer. Slut that he is, he’ll spread his legs lickety split and beg for it like only a little fag can, but here comes the goo! However, Pee Wee doesn’t get the courtesy of a rag. There’s nothing handed to Pee Wee after, nothing to sop up the mess that’s been deposited on his face, chest and that additional goo seeping down his leg.

Why no rag for Pee Wee? Because Pee Wee is the rag! That’s why I say it….because I mean it literally. Whether you’re a pindick loser or not, I get you stuffed and pumped and make you wear your mess. There’s no fixing your filth. The evidence is clear. So….how does it feel to be filthy? Maybe you’re not filthy enough and you need a little help? Well, it just so happens I’m in the filth business.
So let’s have some fun….and if you’re ready for an extra thrill, let me watch on Skype and who knows….you might get your very own blog! I like to reward my cum rags!


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