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‘Pee Wee’ And The Dream Of Every Little Dick

I’ve written about my sweet caller Pee Wee before. He’s tall, good looking and in good shape. No one would ever suspect he has a little dick unless they saw him with his pants off. He’s secretly a cross dressing sweetheart and would make the perfect cuckold. Oh, and he loves to take all the humiliation a beautiful woman could dole out. I wish I could get my hands on him for real!

Pee Wee Is Living The Little Dick Dream

But Pee Wee is different than most other little dick humiliation sluts I talk to, and that’s because his outgoing attitude, physical build and looks will always get him in the door. He’s not freaked out by the idea of dipping his toe in the social pool. He is somewhat intimidated by women but not so scared of them that he’s afraid of taking a chance. That makes his little dick humiliation a constant source of fun, and I’ll tell you why.

Pee Wee has dating profiles out on the Internet and meets up with girls. Any woman would be interested initially. His looks, manners and attitude make him seem like quite the catch. His body type could easily give women the idea that he has a large cock to match the rest of him. And because he is up to meet women and go on dates, he can easily hook the ladies that can’t wait to see the big dick they’re expecting and then get the humiliating satisfaction of showing them that he’s a little dick loser! He can do it again and again!

Those women will have his cock on their mind from the get-go, and he can lead them on right up to the sad, final scene. Will they laugh? Leave? Yell at being led on? Who knows. It can be a delicious SPH game for Pee Wee…..and for any of you other little dick losers that actually clean up nice and aren’t freaked out by social situations.

Something to think about. I mean, what else do you small nub losers have to do?

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