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More than a few of you are steeped in denial. Often, it’s about your cock size! But there’s this one guy I just got off the phone with. I’ll call him ‘Monty’. Monty is knee-deep in BS. He’s a married man with quite the kinky slutwife. The way Monty described his relationship kept changing but he never actually got it right. I guess the truth is more difficult to say. Good thing I have no problem with delivering a reality check. Monty is a cuckold!

Cuckolds are always checking their phone for messages from their slutty wife! Sorry, bitch. She’s too busy getting pounded right now!

Cuckold Monty Needs To Face Facts!

So Monty’s wife likes cock, and alot of it. She’s in her 40’s but loves younger men. She gets fucked often in front of Monty, who gets to watch but doesn’t get to touch himself. His wife will take multiple men at once, she lets them cum inside her if they can provide medical paperwork first and she isn’t stopping this wild life anytime soon. Monty’s wife is a career cuckoldress! She puts on a red-hot sex show for Monty who is eventually allowed to enter her and cum but ONLY after all the men have finished. And after admitting all of these things to me, I asked Monty to DTR (define the relationship.) Well, all I can say is ‘Wow.’ Monty has a difficult time calling it what it is. But he needs to face facts!

At first, Monty described the arrangement as a ‘threesome’. Nope! A ‘threesome’ implies that Monty is involved, that he’s playing, too. But that’s not true. He’s sitting on the sidelines like a pussy, watching the live porn in front of him and doesn’t even get to touch his cock. Then, Monty changed his story and said that what he and his wife do is more like ‘swinging’ because another man steps into enjoy her. But after a little probing, Monty admitted that they don’t actually ‘pair off’ with him getting someone to play with, too. Apparently, Monty’s wife doesn’t want him with any other women, but her horny CUNext-Tuesday is a revolving door for pretty much any young guy with a big cock. And poor Monty has a small, unfuckable cock.
So she and Monty aren’t swingers. Sorry, Monty.

He almost seemed a bit taken aback when I told him that he was a cuckold. Now, to be completely clear, his wife does it right. It’s just sex. She doesn’t let feelings or emotional attachment come into play. So good on her. But Monty is also not jealous. He allows his wife to get what she needs. And she isn’t sorry. Hardly! She grows more confident and sexual with every escapade. Monty’s wife has made it clear that this isn’t a phase, that she’s going to keep taking outside cock. Sounds like cuckolding to me, yes? YES.

Part-Time Bitch Boy

Cuckold Monty is a bitch boy, even if it’s part-time. He may be part of a lovely marriage outside of all the wild sex he’s not a part of, but any woman that wants you to sit idly by while she enjoys cock is enjoying making you a bitch….even if it’s only for a little while. If you were ‘man enough’ or ‘enough man’, you would be giving your wife the business instead of waiting for access to a gaping, freshly fucked hole. Cuckolds are the bitches of the bedroom, and there’s no sugarcoating it!
Do you have one hell of a hotwife like Monty? Maybe you be struggling with admitting the truth? I have no problem telling you exactly what you are!