Not too long ago, I took a call from a cuckold who complained of being strapped for cash alot. Apparently, his sexy nympho wife had roped him into quite the predicament. (He was definitely feeling the pinch of obedience!)

A cuckoldress with a plan

The hot Missus had deserted his laughable penis years ago but had quickly moved onto a more well-endowed fuck buddy without missing a beat. But she had also made a decision that kept the sex-starved husband struggling just to get by. Not only was Mr. No Sex expected to take care of household chores, he had to work extra hard to get overtime hours just to pay the wife and her boyfriend a monthly stipend. We’re not talking a little pocket money, either. And it had been like that for a long time! Miss Thang didn’t want to work at all and her big-dick boyfriend only wanted to work part-time (to spend more time with the cuck’s wife), so the poor cuckold had to work his fingers to the bone to keep them happy and funded, take care of the house bills and still feed himself. (Usually the last priority!) Basically, it was funfunfun for the hotwife and Bull, and ramen for the cuckold. Now, while I  admire the initiative to keep the cuckold on his toes, there’s other ways to do that and this specific method would never fly with me. It might be a good idea for some, but if that means my livelihood and opportunities lie with my cuck, that’s a bit too much control for him, thankyouverymuch.

Full service cuckold!

I pay for everything. Everything. The house, car and bank account are in my name, and it will always be that way. Yes, Scott works at a lingerie store part-time, but I have given him the choice to either spend his check on sissy merch from the boutique or hand the money over to me. I don’t even feel bad about that, because I have paid for every utility, every cable channel, every morsel of food in both of the refrigerators. Property tax and homeowners insurance? Got it covered. Organic this and that, an extensive pantry that would make any celebrity chef cream their chef-y shorts…..I got it all, baby. My cuckold feels a different kind of pinch. He knows just how good he has it and never wants a day to go by where he doesn’t show me. He’s grateful that he lives in such a nice home and he has never gone without. I treat him quite well! In turn, he repays me by making me his Priority #1. He’s my personal sissy chef and since I have zero food allergies, he has full culinary control and I am delighted daily with his offerings. He caters beautiful parties for me and my friends, he keeps my home tidy and my car washed (by hand only, even in the winter) and ensures that I have a fresh cup of coffee whenever I choose. Obedience!

I really feel for the cuckold that struggles to pay the stipend. I guess in the minds of some wives, that’s the brakes for having an un-fuckable dick that isn’t good for anything. And I am all about other aspects of cuckolding, like cocksucker training, chastity cages and orgasm control. But I have never been one to be at the mercy of my cuck in any fashion, depending on him for anything remotely related to my fun money or freedom. Cuckoldresses that are truly in charge know what I’m talking about. They call the shots. That doesn’t mean I don’t like presents. Spa days, bottles of wine, a flower bouquet on occasion….I won’t turn it down. I see it as a ‘thank you’ and a bonus for being naturally spectacular and generous.
Any woman locking her husband out of Pussy Paradise should re-think any control her cuck has!