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The Truth Is Clear….You’re A Cuckold!

George went to a company work picnic for his wife Karen and he met all her friends, including Karen’s work husband, Matt. George tried to be good-natured and social, but George couldn’t ignore how comfortable Matt was with Karen. When Matt talked to her, he often put his arm around her waist, sometimes as low as the small of her back. Matt and Karen seemed to have alot of inside jokes. And there was just a chemistry between them that George couldn’t ignore. They looked like a couple. The truth was clear and he couldn’t deny it. George knew he was a cuckold.

Cuckold Signs

Karen had a passcode on her phone. She had been going to the gym alot lately but George hadn’t exactly been enjoying the fruits of that labor. In fact, sex with Karen had pretty much come to a halt. When she wasn’t out with friends, she was tired. Sometimes he could tall her into relaxing after a night out with the girls, opening her legs and letting him go down on her. He often tried to initiate sex….no dice. His cock ached but she never seemed to be in the more for more than an oral orgasm. And George noticed a different taste sometimes….he knew it wasn’t just his imagination.

But before you start thinking ‘Poor George’, you should know that George had a secret, too. While Karen was off doing her thing, cuckold George wasn’t exactly crying into his cornflakes. On the contrary, the idea of Karen on Matt’s cock thrilled him! No sad cuckold husband moping around here! He imagined them together again and again while jerking off and shooting cum. The later Karen stayed out and the more she made excuses about where she was, the more George stiffened.

He loved being lied to. His wife was taking cock and coming home to open her warm, stretched pussy for him. George was licking the hole that work hubby Matt had just fucked. More than that, Karen was withholding sex while Matt broke that married pussy in again and again, ensuring that it would never be the same pussy that George even remembered. I mean, I love cuckolds for many reasons, but I’d be lying if I said that a slutty wife giving the best miles on her pussy to men besides her husband didn’t make me laugh!

Is This Your Life?

For some of you, this isn’t just a story…’s a retelling of your life for real. If you’re a cuckold too, it’s ok to love it. Let’s talk about your shameless village bicycle wife and how much you can’t stop stroking that sexless, cuck bitch cock of yours!

4 comments to The Truth Is Clear….You’re A Cuckold!

  • Ms Amber, seems that Curious George has a thing for his wife getting banged by some dude from work. Hopefully, George and Karen have found a good equilibrium between them so everyone is sexually satisfied.

    • Amber

      The best cuckold relationships are ones where there’s benefit for everyone. It’s a process to tweak it sometimes, but once you find that sweet spot, it can be tons of fun!

  • I’m jealous of George. Though in those situations I wish the Wife would just be honest with her husband so they could both take it a step further. Thing is us secure Beta Male husband’s enjoy serving our wife’s and don’t want them to have to tip toe around us. Just be out in the open and take care of yourself don’t worry about us. Your pleasure is our pleasure. 😉

    • Amber

      I agree! I have cuckolded men for years and it’s always easier when it’s out in the open. It’s fun to have a secret for awhile but it can get very tedious sneaking around. I think it’s sexier for everyone when I can just do what I want and the man I’m with can (sometimes) participate or at least know so he can get off on it in his own way.

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