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Why I Love Cuckolds

There’s nothing like a cuckold home alone. No matter who they are, where they’re from or how many times we’ve spoken, it’s always the same. Lonely cuckolds have a lot in common.

There’s nothing sexier than watching your wife get ready for a hot date with her boyfriend!

Cuckolds Home Alone

Whether the relationship with their wives is good or bad, it doesn’t matter. They know damn well what she’s doing, maybe in a hotel, maybe at her lover’s house. Slutty wives want to be enjoyed. Her body is being used for pleasures she’s been dreaming of for a long time. Cuckolds will wait forever for that wife to come home. They never know how long she’ll keep them up, or if she’ll even be alone when she arrives. It doesn’t matter to the lonely cuckold, home alone. They are both thrilled and terrified each time she returns to them, knowing full well that there may be a time that she does not return. But they care for her so much that they take the scraps she gives them, fully knowing that someone else gets the best cuts. They’re happy to get anything. Cuckolds can’t be choosers!

When a cuck is home alone, their minds taunt them, make them remember little things like bits of conversations they’ve had with their wives, how her mouth moves when she speaks and even what her perfume smells like. They ache for the woman that will never choose them, a woman that does what she wants because she knows they will always be there. Where else would they go? A partial wife is better than no wife at all, even if she’s a slut.

Cuckolds Welcome Here

So they try to busy themselves while she is gone. They open the refrigerator a few times, they flip channels, they waffle back and forth on calling a girl like me. And if they’re not in a cock cage, they masturbate. Maybe it’s out of loneliness, sadness or boredom…..but whatever it is, it works. And then they stop fighting and just call, letting their lives tumble out in whispers and whimpers as they stroke. They’re always welcome here with me, here where I already know their story.
Their words to me become my words to you. Even though I’ve heard it many times, I’m always ready to hear it again.

10 comments to Why I Love Cuckolds

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m not sure if I fall into this category or not? I know I’m ldws cream puff girl who all the mistresses have me dressed/made up in women’s clothes/makeup/wig/lipstick and Smelling pretty in perfumes & lotions along with being kept girlish soft and smooth. Ms Erika said I’m to soft/submissive & feminine to be the dominant type and how could be being dressed up? I can’t.

    • Amber

      You’re in a female-led relationship and you’re a sissy creampuff, but you are not a cuckold, Petey. The dominant woman in your life is not your wife or girlfriend. Cuckolding results from a sexual relationship where the woman strays.

  • Petey cream puff

    Also too. When my masseuse sent me out earlier this year giving me her purse to go out alone without question. do you think that was her way of making me her cream puff girl? Ms Lena told me she made me her cream puff by doing this.

  • princess

    cuckolds in chastity DO make the best hubbies!

  • Ms Amber, Home Alone pretty much says it all. The psychology is quite fascinating as these cucks try to make sense of contradictory feelings they hold simultaneously. But in the end, they need their woman and, as you so eloquently stated, are willing to live off the scraps. I too love talking to them and hearing their story.

  • Empress Rayne

    It’s true, I’ve never met a picky cuckold. They are willing, as you said, to take whatever scraps they can get from that horny, wayward wife. I love the images you painted in this post. I think expresses a sentiment we all share…lonely cuckolds welcome here.

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