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I sure spend alot of time dominating your ass and cock, but is there more to me? I mean, I love chipping away at your masculinity and making you cum like a bitch with my strap-on buried deep. But don’t think that when I’m not on the phone with you, I’m just watching tv and baking cookies for my boyfriend. (Although I do bake for him!)
Straight sex is my hobby, and no, I didn’t stutter. I liked to be stretched out, filled up, stuffed deep and rode raw. I’m a woman! Sometimes it’s time to take it back to basics with some good ole’ fashioned fuckin’!

Straight Sex Is My Jam

I love your cuckolding kinks and cocksucking fantasies. Bring me your cum eating compilation videos and we’ll watch them together, no problem. But straight sex has become a palate cleanser of sorts since only a few of you are into it! And that’s totally cool, because I have alot of time at home to get it on, and I do! So when you ask me on our call what I’ve been doing that day, I might give a little laugh and say I’ve been ‘relaxing’. That’s code for ‘I just got laid, buddy!’ But I’m a lady, so read behind the laugh, ok?