Mark sucked a BBC dick. I know because I saw him. It was a late flight and I was trying to sleep, but I couldn’t ignore the man on the other side of the aisle, servicing the large black cock.

He Saw The ‘Faggot’ In Him

I wondered if they knew each other. I thought that they had to have been acquainted already? The truth was, they were complete strangers. But strong, handsome black man in the seat next to him just knew Mark was a cocksucker. He could sense the ‘faggot’ in Mark and asked the stewardess for a blanket. After all, it was an evening flight and many other passengers were sleeping. A blanket was not a odd request. And no one noticed the man sliding Mark’s hand under the blanket, where the stranger’s naked BBC was waiting.

BBC In Search of Bitch

Mark had always felt like a little bitch in the presence of stronger, more dominant men. He often wondered if they could tell. He tried so hard to hold his secret but apparently, he couldn’t even get through a short flight. Seated next to a woman, none of this would have ever happened. But the moment the tall, black man stowed a small bag in the overhead and sat down next to him, it became difficult for Mark to relax. He could smell the man’s cologne, see the large cock snaking down the man’s dress pants. His seat mate just had an authority about him and after the plane took off and other passengers started relaxing and drifting off to sleep, the Alpha asked for the blanket.

Cock Stroker Hungry For More

I watched the movement that was under the blanket. It was impossible not to notice, although I stayed quiet and didn’t alert them. I was enjoying my free show quietly. Mark was so excited to be of service. The look on his face…..he was taking his cockstroker orders very seriously. He kept searching the man’s face for signs of pleasure and approval. Mark became more of a bitch with every stroke.

The BBC was obviously at attention under that blanket. The man was reclined a bit, enjoying his pleasure. Mark was hard at work. He seemed to be lost in his own pleasure, the pleasure of service and submission. The subspace on the face was unmistakable. He took to it so well, obeying that sexy black Alpha.

Black Alpha Wants More

But soon, the man wanted more from Mark and Mark ached to give it to him. I knew that was coming. An Alpha will only take a hand for so long. They crave warm wet and willing. I saw the man place his hand on the back of Mark’s neck and start guiding him down. Mark knew what he needed to do. This was no longer hidden. It was a silent order. tasted that hot, hard cock. It was sweet and salty. No more blanket. It was on the floor next to their feet. That sexy Alpha didn’t care who could see Mark. And Mark opened up his mouth wider and s+lid that BBC all the way in. He bobbed up and down like a good bitch, perfecting his signature suck. The stewardess watched and smiled at Mark and his obedience. She was minding her own business, like I was. Surely this wasn’t the first time she had seen this display of hot, primal coercion.

Mark, The BBC Cum Dump

Soon, Mark tasted pre-cum and it made him like a starving man. He sucked faster. Harder. The man’s hand was firm on his neck. Other passengers started to wake up and watch from their seats. Amd wouldn’t you know it, Mark drained that man dry. With suction in his cheeks, he coaxed all the cum from the man’s balls and tasted that sweet load. He savored every bit before swallowing it down.

Good boy, Mark. There’s more than one way to join the Mile High Club.