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Is Your Wife The Village Bicycle? Face The Truth, Cuckold!

Your wife or girlfriend is a beautiful woman, but what did you think was going to happen? Did you honestly think that you’d be able to keep her happy and home with you? You may not like the truth, but there’s nothing you can do about it. All the signs are there, and you’re a cuckold whether you like it or not.
Your woman is the village bicycle, and everyone gets a ride.

Cuckold, Why Did She Marry You?

Maybe she married you because you had money or because you were the ‘providing type’. (Hey, everyone wants security.) Perhaps she thought you were cute back in the day. (Eye candy is always nice!) You’ve been treating her like a princess and taking all her bullshit from Day One. She was always a little pushy and you liked the take-charge attitude. But now look at her. She’s going out when she feels like it, ignoring your texts, drifting in at all hours of the morning. Maybe she’s sketchy about her whereabouts or maybe she’ll tell you to your face. She still has a password on her phone, though and she’s probably gotten more condescending lately.

That’s because when a woman is the village bicycle, the idea of being a hotwife slut is sexy and she’s not sorry. Women that cuckold feel desired and get addicted to the attention and cock that they rake in by cheating with men. The more fun they have, the more you seem like a pussy bitch that can’t keep up and doesn’t deserve her. I mean, she was probably always out of your league, but now you’re supposed to compete with BBC that make her cum harder than you ever did? You’re screwed, and not in the good way.

You can either cry in your cocoa puffs or feel pretty damn good that you have the woman that everyone wants.
So quit sniveling, cuck! This is a sexy thing….enjoy it!


6 comments to Is Your Wife The Village Bicycle? Face The Truth, Cuckold!

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m not married but this is hot how wife does this to guys!! Especially when she dresses and keeps them in bra/panties/dresses!! I admit that I’m a cream puff girl who likes doing this and honestly this is the type of relationship I want to be in!! I think I am with my masseuse as she has taken pictures of me with her phone dressed up in bra/panty/makeup/lipstick wearing dresses/measuring and fitting me in bra/using perfumes/lotions on me for my massages along with giving me facials to keep me soft smooth and girlish smelling all the time. I asked to do this to me and she said she would as she’s non judgmental and very caring about me. She’s taken control of my spending and said if I spend foolishly she will kick my butt. She’s married but told me not to worry about her husband. I’ve upset her 3 times and I don’t want to do that anymore as she can hit send anytime on her phone. Needless to say I’m her cream puff girl who has me wrapped around her finger.

  • Ms Amber, cuckoldry is a wonderful thing but can be very hard on the fragile ego of a man. But lessons in life can be tough and you just have to roll with the punches if your wife rolls like a bicycle.

  • Aaron

    This is exactly whats happening to me goddess i need you to help guide me thru this adventure

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