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I Know Where I Want Your Cum

How many vids have you seen where the man pulls his cock out and blows the cum on the woman’s stomach? Spraying those pretty nipples is popular and of course, some ladies take it to the face. Don’t ever expect that from me, though….I have a better idea of where you should put that cum and how you can please me the most.

Cum Where I Say

As much as I am a fan of your legs over your head while that one-eyed monster stares down at you, I gotta say….I’m only entertained by that. I’m not pleasured, and I should always be pleasured! Some ladies love anal and might ask you to felch….but that’s not quite what I had in mind. Almost!

I want you to put that quivering throb right at the top of my ass crack while I’m on all fours, cum hard and then….patience! I’m going to wait to feel that creamy load inch it’s way down slowly until it tickles my juicy pink clit. And then, then I want one long lick from you, from pussy to ass. Make that lick count and get it all! Release and submission for you, pleasure and queening for me! I’d call that a win-win!

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