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DSL Check! How’s Yours?

How are your DSL’s? By DSL, I mean dick sucking lips, and it’s totally a thing. If sucking a big and juicy dick is important to you, your lips need to be in prime condition. Men eat with their eyes first, and when they’re watching you service them, you want to give them a feast. So, slut…. it’s time to work on those DSL’s!



DSL Tips

1) Always wear a moisturizing lip balm at night while you sleep.
2) Keep hydrated. Dry lips are often a result of not drinking enough water.
3) Try not to lick your lips alot. Not only will it affect lipstick, it’s a great way to get chapped lips.
4) When wearing lipcolor, use a lipliner that matches your lip shade or is a shade or two lighter. Lipstick will often bleed into the corners without a liner first.
5) Consider a shiny gloss to really make lip color pop! Glossy lips look juicy and inviting.



Those Lips Are Made For Sucking!

Now that you know what you need to do, it’s time to put those DSL’s to work! Need a little help arranging your first cocksucking lesson? Just let me know….

Pretty good advice, right? Let’s play!



8 comments to DSL Check! How’s Yours?

  • Petey cream puff

    I did This with dildo I have and I couldn’t believe how it felt. I was dressed up/wore my lipstick and I really do have d s l’s!!!! I’m at point now where I’ve accepted that I am a sissy cream puff girl. There’s no use in fighting nor resisting this. I’ve invested to much into dresses/bras/panties/perfumes/lotions/ankle and knee high boots along with slips/wigs/blouses. I’m not going to worry or care what others think. It’s for my personal enjoyment and glad I have masseuse who’s accepting/nonjudgmental and welcoming of this.

  • Mistress Amber if I may also suggest a lip scrub. I have one from lush that I use regularly to keep my lips smooth. 😉

  • Ms Amber, very helpful hints for our cocksuckers looking to improve their game. Pucker up guys…there are a lot of cocks out there for you to service.

  • Petey cream puff

    I do mistress I do. All dressed/made up I look better as a girl then I do as a guy. It’s who I am and become as I’ve accepted this. I was always meant to be a cream puff girl.

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