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Let Me Arrange Your First Cocksucking Lesson

You arrive at my house a few hours before your date. I see that you’ve brought a sexy skirt and top. You can borrow a wig from my closet, and that red lipstick you love will look perfect on you. It’s on my vanity table when you’re ready. I can’t wait to see those naughty lips wrapped around your date. He’s been my friend for years and I know you’re nervous. But don’t worry, he’ll be gentle. I told him it was your first time.

Oh, your legs are so smooth, and that ankle bracelet is a nice touch. A fresh pedicure from yesterday, and you’re lovely. Let me help you slip into the lingerie I bought you and let’s get you fully dressed. Now look at yourself in my full length mirror. As I stand behind you, I’m so excited at what’s about to happen.

That pretty pout of yours will be cocksucking lips in under an hour, and I’m going to be here the whole time. Your big debut!

Cock Coach at your service….

The doorbell rings, and you shift in your heels. His eyes on you, up and down. His warm voice, drawing you in. In no time flat, you’re on his lap. I’ve poured another glass of wine and see his fingers traveling up your skirt. You know what’s expected of you, and you know what you’re here for. But you’re a little nervous. That’s why I’m here to coach you through cock. Can’t think of a better way to spend an evening.

You sink to your knees and look up at him with your hungry eyes. His hand is on your lips, and that’s your cue. Relax your jaw and open up. He inserts that thick cock, and you’re surprised at the bulk of it. You take it slow at first, you relax and enjoy it. His manhood is in your throat, and it throbs and pulsates with heat and desire.

‘Suck cock for me’, my voice barely as whisper. ‘You know that’s all you’re good for’. Your eyes accept my command and slurp and taste, dancing your tongue around his meat. His hand on your head, so gentle. He feeds you firmly but slowly, as his torso has found a rhythm.

Your thirsty obedience pleases Mistress….

I listen to your gurgle, your eager suck. Soon, his legs stiffen and your eyes search for me. ‘Continue,’ I say. ‘Your reward is near’.
He juts forward, jerking a bit, draining himself into you. You gulp hungrily, and accept it all. Such a good cocksucker you are.

He smiles at you and squeezes the base to the tip to ensure you have every drop. You lick the last bit with one quick swipe of your tongue. He takes his clothes and leaves without a word, but his continuous smile is your assurance that you were pleasing to him.

Are you ready to please your Mistress, as well? I am anxious to lure you into an irresistible fantasy, your big debut!
It won’t be enough of course, fantasy never is. I can make you suck cock in real life, and I do it on purpose because ‘turning’ you is fun!
Are you afraid of what I can do? Afraid of how much ‘reach’ I have from here? You should be !


6 comments to Let Me Arrange Your First Cocksucking Lesson

  • Ashley lee

    This post is so hot!! I love getting on my knees and putting a nice cock in my mouth. Sucking cock is one of my favorite things ever!!

    • Amber

      Well, watching cocksuckers is one of MY favorite things. Thankfully, I get alot of opportunities with my friends! So glad you enjoyed the post. Can’t wait until we start sessions this week!

  • Sissy Lynn

    I agree, this is a very hot post. Even though it wouldn’t be my first cocksucking lesson, I’d love to have you arrange one for me. I love how you make your subject be en femme when she does this for you. I would love to wear a sissy pink dress for you while I do it. And since my own hair is waist-length, I won’t need a wig, but would love if you tell me how you want me to style it.

  • Aandrea

    I would love to experience this.

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