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Cum Eating For Beginners

Do you want to try cum eating? You’re not alone. It’s a common fantasy and super kinky. Some of you have an underlying bisexual thrill when you even think about it. Others just love the idea of doing something taboo. I’ve helped alot of guys eat their own cum and that includes the guys that always lose their nerve before they actually do it. Maybe you’ve tried a million times and never been able….there’s hope for you, too! Cum eating is good for you and you feel very naughty when you do it!

Cum Eating…. Sometimes A Gateway Drug

I’ve even been known to get some of you addicted to cum eating. In some cases, it’s even led to more! My sub ‘Michael’ was so turned on by eating his own cum that his own supply wasn’t enough so he went looking for more. What he ended up with was a handful of safe men that he met, tested and kept in an inner circle of ‘playmates’. They gave him all he asked for (and way more than he even expected!) If you’re harboring a super sexy secret fantasy of taking your bi fantasies to reality, eating your own cum is a good first step.

So don’t be scared. I’ve talked to alot of skittish guys that have never been able to follow through. It’s amazing what can happen when you want to please your Mistress….when you allow yourself to listen and obey! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m the cock whisperer! Cocks just love to please me!

Whether cum eating is a kinky thing you end up doing for yourself or you want to take it further, you might just be surprised at how much fun you’re going to have!


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