Just how long will you drive yourself nuts with the fantasy of cocksucking? Can you really live the rest of your life without the thrill of the taste? There are those of you that are trying in vain to shake off the urges, preferring instead and hoping beyond hope that abstaining from sucking cock will keep you from being ‘one of those’. You’ve already lost the war….because all you do is think about cock already! You watch porn where beautiful women suck cock and picture yourself sucking instead. As obsessed as you are, you’ve already crossed over!


Harmless Cocksucking Fantasy? Nah. Let’s Call It What It Really Is!

When you scratch that itch, the itch gets stronger. Mistresses know this, but oh, we’ll deal with your whopping thirst for cum later. Aren’t you tired of this little dance we’re doing? You know as well as I do that you can’t get off unless your fantasy is one cock after another. And I’m chomping at the bit to get you living your best life.
Do you hear me knocking? Let me in and let’s plan that cocksucker debut!