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Down the hall, you hear me laugh.
You’re relaxed and calm, fresh from your bath.
In the thong and bra we bought today,
maybe Mistress wants to play?

You listen close, I’m not alone.
How many guests are in the home?
You strain to hear but cannot count,
but it’s a party, you have no doubt.

The Plans Of A Mistress

You see my face and then my smile,
They’ve been waiting for a while.
‘Sorry, Mistress’, I quickly think,
but the setting changes in a blink.

Before I know it, you’re on your feet.
The men in front of me don’t miss a beat.
They stand and rub their cocks for me,
and there’s no other place I’d rather be.

More than the fantasy I could hope to feel,
is this chance to suck fat cock for real.
I look at my Mistress and she is pleased,
Miss Amber planned this night for me.

The Delicious Descent

And it’s more cock than I would have guessed,
But my Mistress knows me best.
A cock for my mouth and two that need touching,
And a few cocks for my ass, for stuffing and fucking.

‘You better make them nice and wet,
it’s all the lube you’re gonna get!’
And then, that laugh, that devious smile.
I’m here to perform, to surrender for a while.

The men take their turns. They switch and I please them.
There’s stretching and pleasure, and I’m learning to tease them.
There’s cum and so much of it, it coats me and drips.
Cocks changing positions, I lick creamy tips.

I feel my ass gaping, it’s pumping and wet.
I want to please them so I give as good as I get.
My slurping excites them, they slide further in ecstasy,
and then I notice my Mistress right next to me.

The Cocksucker Truth

Into my ear, I hear her sweet voice.
I’ve planted a seed and you don’t have a choice.’
But it was the next part that cut like a knife:
‘I’ve changed you forever, cocksucker for life!’