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Nikki called me dressed all in white, looking demure but ready for filth. Taking my Sissy Wedding Fantasy post to heart, she came to me as a bride and could not wait for her cock. And oh, there was cock to be had. Eight inches were waiting to consummate that wedding night fantasy, to turn that sweet bride into a horny, needy cockslut that ached to be bred.

Cockslut Bride And A Wedding Party To Remember

But Nikki was in for a surprise, when she expected her groom but was met with many more. The groomsmen filled the room and Nikki’s eyes surveyed the feast. Each man showed their throb, one cock after another was tasted and titillated in her soft, pink mouth. Nikki sucked and slurped the wedding party as her first duty of a proper slut. The men fondled her breasts and slid their fingers deep inside of her. Each penetration prompted a girly squeal from her lips. With cock against her cheek, she bounced on cock as her pussy swallowed it again and again, consummating the union between cockslut and man.

And oh, the sounds that emanated from Nikki! The lust drove each cock to claim a brides willing pussy! Nikki took it like a good girl, happily accepting the pumping that she was provided. Once she had taken every last thrust of milky cream, Nikki’s own whimpering became an earth shattering release of her own, her reward for all she had done.


* Call Confessions is not a surprise blog, and featured callers have been notified. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. *