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Amber Academy, Series XIX: Sissy Wedding Fantasy

Back when I lived in Portland, my friend and I went wedding dress shopping once. I lied to the clerk at the bridal place and said that I was getting married just so I could try on dreeses. Of course I felt like an absolute princess. That clerk fawned all over me and found all the perfect accessories. I made up pretend wedding details and even a groom-to-be as my friend silently laughed her ass off and watched me bullshit the whole thing. Oh, it was a big production. The clerk was so excited for me. It’s easy to know why wearing wedding dresses and feeling ultra-feminine go hand in hand. Those wedding dresses were the most beautiful garments I’d ever tried on in my life. But brides are wearing more than a gorgeous dress, they’re in their own fairy tale. Some frilly sissies and cross dressers have fantasies about exactly this.

Sissy Wedding Fantasy

I have a long time caller that has an entire brides room filled with all things wedding. They merely converted their second bedroom into their ultimate happy place, with a vanity table, a pretty dresser containing brides lingerie and a closet with everything from wigs to shoes. It has taken them quite some time to amass all of it, and definitely wasn’t a cheap feat. But many people collect things or pour money into hobbies that they enjoy and lose themselves in. My caller has told me that it’s the best place in the house and that they can spend hours in there. And they’re not the only one of my callers that know just how lovely wedding fantasies can be.

Keep your eyes peeled for sales. (Make sure you go through reputable online sites and not international ones that could be shady. If the price is too good to be true, expect to get suckered!) You might even stumble upon a great dress at a consignment shop or estate sale. Bargain shop around for the things that would make your dress amazing like a tiara, gloves, pretty hair combs or the ultimate pair of dressy pumps. Maybe all of that! It will take time and wedding dresses need to be cleaned professionally, but switching up the fantasy from sweet bride to naughty bride, taking gorgeous bridal sissy selfies or even splurging on a photo shoot could all be fun things to do. Of course, if you take the naughty route, fantasizing (or actually enjoying) a sexy ending after your dress-up is always an option!

If this sounds like heaven on earth to you, it might be worth the time to set some goals. You can be a bride and love every minute of it!

6 comments to Amber Academy, Series XIX: Sissy Wedding Fantasy

  • Petey cream puff

    This would be hot call!!! I’d love to do this if I get tricked into being bride going shopping with you and having me try on the dresses/bras/panties/makeup/lipstick and being your cream puff bride.

  • Nikki

    What is it about white?

    What is it about lace?

    What is it about when you mix the two together and you have your dream outfit of white Lacey wedding night garments….. what is it?

    It is sexy as all hell…

    It is letting go and being free to Express somehting more you have to offer

    It is taking how the inner slut in you shouldn’t be wearing white as you are about to go down on all the groomsmen just after your lover and husband broke you in – in front of them all. Now they all get a turn…

    The slut in white…. hot.

  • Gem Sissy

    Wedding fantasies were some of my earliest sissy fantasies, at the very start of puberty. The gorgeous dresses, the layers of satin, lace, taffeta, and more. The idea of being deflowered by… well, by a boy, a man, just a cock really… but being beautiful, of filling out the dress just right with large breasts, hips, bum, being beautiful, being desired, being wanted deeply by a lover, their hands on my panties… oh yes, I love wedding dresses…

    I’ve had two wedding dresses in my life, both acquired from faithful scouring of consignment shops. Oh the thrill of finding them in my size… of trying them on in the shoppe, getting the ladies to zip me up… oh my… I think I need to go enjoy some of these memories, they’re getting my clitty so hard…

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