Anal myths have been thrown around for forever, and it’s time to debunk them. You can’t let fears or mistruths stand in the way of the fun you can have! Whether or not I convince you to play with your ass isn’t the reason I’m writing. It’s so that you make your choice having considered everything, and I make some good points! Who knows? You might get started and wonder why it took you so long, Maybe I’ll get you so turned onto it that you’re ready for me to give you a special anal assignment!
So let’s get started with dispelling these myths, shall we?

Your Anal Questions Answered….

Myth #1: Anal Is Dirty

Everything is dirty! Doorknobs are dirty. Your keyboard at work is dirty. Germs are everywhere. If you could see the germs on your hands before you touch your face, you’d freak out. Don’t let a hang-up stand between you and major pleasure and self discovery.
If you’re really concerned about mess, try to ’empty yourself’ (if you’re picking up what I’m putting down!) or try an enema. In the end, there’s no hard and fast way to guarantee exactly what’s going to happen during any kind of sexual play. But you’re washable. It’s going to be ok!
Don’t let this stand in the way of making time for anal.Myth #2: Straight Men Don’t Do It And/Or It Means You’re Gay.

Straight men absolutely play with their assholes because they have learned just how pleasurable it is. They are open to playing with a partner and expressing what they want.
If you’re gay, you’re gay whether you play with your butt or not. Don’t want everyone to know you’re a buttslut? Then don’t buy a bumper sticker to tell the world. Guys that like girls still play with their assholes. ‘Gay’ means you’ve discarded sexual feelings for women altogether. Anal doesn’t make you do that. You decide to do that on your own. If anything, you consider bisexuality and guess what? The world doesn’t end.
Check out this Call Confessions from 2016 about what cum feels like in your ass!

Anal Fears? Let Me Reassure You!

Myth #3: Anal Is Going To Hurt
If you start with small toys, control your breathing, listen to your body and use lots of lube, you’re going to have a good time.If you just go in raw and dry, sure. It’s gonna hurt. But why would you do that? That’s not smart or safe. There’s a magic button in your ass and you’ve been sitting on it all this time. Be informed, make time for the necessary prep and nothing has to hurt!
Myth #4: Anal Play Damages You Inside
Listen, anal play can damage your butthole just like vaginal sex can damage a woman’s vagina. With both, stretching can happen. Little tears can happen. When you listen to your body and use lube, you’re doing what you can to help the process and have the most fun. If you’re playing with your ass and a partner, it’s important to communicate, express what you’re feeling ‘down there’ and stop if you don’t like it anymore. That’s with any sex. Yes, there are absolutely horror stories (and accompanying pictures) on the Internet. You can freak yourself out in 3.5 seconds. Sure, those things can happen. If you have a partner that has no regard for your well-being or safety or you’re not interested in listening to your body, you’re not ready for anal play.
Men throughout history know what a blast buttfucking is. And they will continue to do so. But there’s a respect that comes with it, and you must respect yourself.

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Myth #5: Anal Is Just About Cock And ‘Going In’
Well, this just isn’t true. Anal is about licking, tender touching and toys, as well. You can work up to penetration or never make the big entrance. Either way, that’s ok. How you play with your butt is up to you and there’s no judging. Do whatever feels good. Go at your own pace always!
Myth # 6: Everyone Loves It So Damn Much
Actually, some people dislike anal play. They’re just not that into it, and that’s ok. But if you’re interested, you’ll never know unless you try anal at least once. So, try if you want. And if you do, you’ll know what’s what, hopefully because of what I’ve written here. Don’t forget to tell me how it went. You know I want all the sexy details! And hey, my Anal Challenge from waaaay back is ongoing….are up for it?