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Wear Your Anal Plug To Work For Me~

Feel like shaking up your work week? How about you challenge yourself (and your tight, little boy puss) by sliding an anal plug right into that hot little hole of yours and heading off to work? Chances are, you’re bored to tears at your job as it is. Wouldn’t it be fun to do something dirty and exciting?

Anal Plug On The Job

There’s different reasons why you should wear an anal plug to work. First of all, because I want you to! But there’s also the taboo feeling of it and the excitement of bringing your anal kink (or urge to experiment) to your job. Let’s not forget the constant arousal of being able to grind that plug at your desk. Of course, you’ll need to be extra careful when you’re walking or bending. You wouldn’t want it to pop out and have it drop through your pant leg on to the floor! Worse yet, it gets caught in your pants and then there’s this odd-looking growth near your ass that everyone in the office can see. That’s when the tongues will start wagging and everyone will know that you’re little butt plugger. So being careful is mandatory!


With an anal plug in at work, you might feel a little humiliated all day, you might blush alot and you’re going to have to keep those little whimpers quiet. But think of the thrill, the fun and how you AREN’T GOING TO TOUCH YOURSELF ALL DAY. That’s right, hands off no matter how horny you are. You don’t get to stroke until you get home and call me. Tell me about your day and how much of a filthy slut you are. Maybe even turn on your cam and show me that plug that you’ve been grinding all day. After how brave you were at work, there’s no way I’d believe you’re still shy! Not you… horny little butt plug slut!




8 comments to Wear Your Anal Plug To Work For Me~

  • So many ways to get kinky at work for sure, but the butt plug is one of my favorites by far. There’s just so much excitement surrounding this object that’s tucked away in one of your deepest, darkest places. It makes you feel so self-conscious, and that hyper-awareness only heightens the titillation aspect. Plus, it’s just downright fun to follow Mistress orders and keep that badboy tucked in until she tells you otherwise.

  • MsAmber, what a fun idea…wearing a butt plug to the office. You’re ushering in a new way of seeing one’s job as a real pain in the ass.

  • Wes

    Oh wow, the begging that would occur by the time I was able to talk with you. The plug reminding me the entire day how badly I need to hear your sexy voice. My panties would surely have a wet spot in the front!

  • spotty

    Ms Amber, a great title for this would be:

    Wear an anal plug to work

    • Amber

      Damn! That would have been a great title, actually. I literally just told ’em I wanted right off the bat….very Mistress-y of me, I guess lol

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