People call me all the time with cuckolding in mind, and they would give anything for it to go beyond fantasy. I hear ‘My wife will never cuckold me, Amber. She’s not kinky, she’s religious….conservative…vanilla…..uptight‘. And then it’s ‘My wife thinks that cuckolding me will change our relationship….ruin our marriage…make me look at her different’.
Well, I’ve always been upfront about what cuckolding a husband can do to a marriage, even when it’s not sexy and you haven’t wanted to hear it.
YES, it can change everything and it may not be for the better.

Your whole relationship with your wife could change. It may be the most fun the two of you have ever had. Or, she could resent you and/or never see you as a real man again. Life as a cuckold might not go according to your plan at all. One taste of that kinky life might unlock your wife in ways you’ve never known,. She could have so much fun being a hotwife that she isn’t interested in being married to you anymore, choosing a boyfriend instead that she sees as a real man. You could lose your wife, bub. It could get messy and legal and very lonely.

Cuckolding….At Your Own Risk

Some couples are actually fairly stable and the husband believes they’re ready for cuckolding. Others of you are in denial when you call, acting like your marriage is fine when that woman of yours wouldn’t might if you wandered off and never came back. Either way, cuckolding has ups and downs and lots of feelings and things you can’t necessarily reverse. Cuckolding often leads to other things, and an empowered woman and her Bull(s) might choose things for you that you might not see coming. Not to mention, you enter into my sessions accepting what may be. To be completely frank, I am a Mistress that has ruined quite a few marriages. I often take husbands farther than they expect and in my domination, I make you do what interests me. I can make you want more than fantasy, and the seeds I plant might just ‘out’ you altogether. Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t feel guilty. I sleep just fine at night.

You may ask ‘Are you really out for my marriage, Amber?’ Well, not always. But I won’t let it get in my way. I’ll never touch your job, that’s yours. But it is not required that you be married to be my submissive or my plaything. You wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gotten a husband in trouble and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. So let’s talk a little about cuckolding. If you want some tips on how to get your wife to cuckold you and you’re ready for the risks… know where to find me.