Oh, handbags, how I love thee. Totally a statement piece, and a non-negotiable for the feminine dresser. Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time for a fresh bag (for those of you that can’t help yourself!) I know I can’t. Just remember…..the brands aren’t important. It’s about the style and the trend!

Spring Handbags

Buckets! — Bucket bags are cute. They aren’t the typical over-your-shoulder and lots of different ‘looks’ qualify as a bucket bag. I like that they’re unique, and they’re definitely making the rounds this season.

Wristlets! — Perfect for minimalist sissy purse holders. Hey, some of you don’t carry alot….a compact, your phone, a little money holder and a lipstick. I’m not mad at it, and if that’s you to a ‘T’, wristlets are a great hands free option when out en femme.

Here’s the best of both worlds with a top handle bucket bag….. so cute, right? LOVE!

And A Few More….

Cross body! — in the same vein as hands-free, just holds a little but more. There’s tons of colors and styles to choose from, just don’t be in denial about what you really have. If you’re gonna stuff a cross body until it looks misshapen and you can barely close it, please admit to yourself that you need something bigger. Cross body bags are supposed to be light, not a load on you. They don’t necessarily need to lie completely flush, but you can’t shove 78 items in that bitch, either!

Bum Bag! — Now, so we’re clear, I am personally not a fan of the bum bag. But I report the trends, and here we are. The bum bag is a fanny pack that’s had a classy makeover, and although its cute on others, not sure it’s quite my style. But some super cute celebrities have been sporting it and wearing it not always around their waist, but across their shoulder. And don’t think that frilly sissies can’t wear a bum bag. Just get a cute pink one, maybe sparkled? Work it if you want it!

Top Handle! — For those that don’t mind holding a bag, a top-handle is a great Spring option. Whether box-y, textured or geometric, a top-handle is a fun bag to carry and show off! I’ve had a few myself, and often gravitate towards these when shopping, no matter what season it is!

Bum bag, anyone?

Wrapping Up 

Some of you won’t shop for a new Spring bag if you’ve got a tried-and-true classic. But for public and online sissy shoppers that want to cleanse their purse palate with a new style, my options above are trendy, fresh and Spring-alicious!