Spring dresses! I‘ve been out on some recent shopping trips to see what’s out this Season, just like Mistress Kay Marie. And you know what I saw? Dresses. So many.

Depending on the dress, you can wear one anywhere. Ladies lunch? Dress. Family dinner with my boyfriend’s folks? Dress. Mall trip, coffee date, bookstore jaunt (and that’s a legit book store, mind you…not the kind of bookstore where our LDW sluts are looking for cock…..but one where they sell lattes and I can browse magazines all afternoon and be in my natural habitat.) So, yeah…..bookstore jaunt with my girl Mia….dress!

Fresh Spring Dresses For You

Check out the styles that are dominating the department stores this Season and making statements all over!

Midi — Get sexy mid calf with a Midi style. Show a little leg and sass with a Midi dress. Perfect for brunch.

Maxi — A little more flow-y, these long dresses are insanely cute with a little shrug sweater (or my fave, a denim or leather jacket). Fun fact: I grew up in maxi dresses. They were conservative enough for my folks but I could sport my own tomboy style with high tops or cute boots. (Hey, I’ve come a long way, I’ll have you know!) 

Mini — If you’ve got the body, you better be wearing the hell out of this style. Mini dresses mean business, but not necessarily for a board meeting. I’m talking naughty, sexy business. If you like showing more than a little, the mini dress is right for you. And if you’ve got your mind set on sleeping your way to the top, look no further.

Wrap  — This style of dress wraps around for full coverage, ties to close and leaves you with a v-neck collar. And there are some super cute wraps out there, perfect for dates or en femme nights out with friends!

Romantic — Go off the shoulder, show some sexy cleavage with a full length skirt that’s not form fitting but glides instead. With a lace-up back, show them ‘flounce-y’ but not ‘snobby’. Flirty all the way!

Happy Shopping~

Can’t you just hear the dresses calling? Spring dresses are now, and you don’t want to miss out. Happy Shopping!